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Juha Bolmster, head of Kauppalehti group, leaves Alma Media

ALMA MEDIA CORP.           STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE    31 AUG 2006, 8.15 A.M. 1 (1)
Juha Blomster, head of the Kauppalehti group and managing director of Kauppalehti Oy, leaves the company on 31 October 2006. Mr Blomster joins Talentum Oyj as CEO of the company from 1 November 2006.
Alma Media has immediately started to recruit a new head for the Kauppalehti group. Juha Blomster will continue to head Kauppalehti until the end of October 2006.
Terhi Lambert-Karjalainen
Communications Manager
DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
Alma Media is a Finnish media group that publishes newspapers, produces and distributes economic information, and maintains online marketplaces. The Group’s portfolio contains business, afternoon, regional, local and town papers. Alma Media also owns leading online marketplaces, a business that it is also expanding into markets outside Finland.
Alma Media’s best known products are the Aamulehti, Iltalehti and Kauppalehti papers and the home-buying internet service. The Group derives about half of its net sales from media advertising and roughly 40 % from newspaper circulation revenues. Net sales of continuing operations in 2005 amounted to MEUR 286, generating an operating profit of MEUR 42 or an operating margin of 14.8 %. The company’s share is quoted on the Main List of the Helsinki Exchanges. The trading code is ALN1V. More information at
  • Published: 31.8.2006, 10:15
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