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Kauppalehti launches its first Management Manuals

Kauppalehti launches its first Management Manuals
Kauppalehti has launched its first Management Manuals, bringing this highly popular concept to Finland from Denmark and Sweden. The manuals, written in Finnish primarily for business managers and supervisors, are comprehensive sources of both theoretical and practical information on management skills and practice in different business sectors. Unlike normal business books, these manuals are not bound but loose-leaf binders. Subscribers continually receive updates and are also given the opportunity to meet the writers and ask for more information by e-mail.
First four manuals in November
The first Management Manuals will appear during November and cover four subjects:
–          Working Practice on Boards of Directors (editor-in-chief Antti Hannula, editorial committee includes Eva Liljeblom)
–          Supply Chain Management (editor-in-chief Kari Litja, editorial committee includes Johannes Koroma)
–          HR Management for Results (editors-in-chief Mikko Paloranta and Marjut Luoso, editorial committee includes members of the Strategic Management Society of Finland)
–          Managing Marketing Communications (editor-in-chief Pia Rautakorpi-Hannula)
New Management Manuals to be launched next year will cover such subjects as Key Account Management, Information Technology, Intellectual Capital and Corporate Growth.
Diverse in scope, constantly updated
Kauppalehti’s Management Manuals give readers comprehensive and up-to-date information on selected business sectors and serve as excellent consultative documents for business development in both large and small enterprises. Each manual contains both theoretical information and practical case examples from the perspective of Finnish business.
Unlike conventional business books, these manuals are not bound; the information they contain is placed loose-leaf in binders. Updates containing both entirely new articles and revised versions of previous articles, will be sent to subscribers four times a year. The material is also available online.
The authors of the material in the manuals are leading experts in their field in Finland. Subscribers will also be given the opportunity to submit questions on the content of the manuals direct to the authors and also to meet them personally at breakfast seminars arranged to discuss the various subjects.
Big success in Sweden and Denmark
Kauppalehti is publishing the manuals in collaboration with Bonnier Business Forum Oy, which is producing the manuals in Finland. Established in March, this company operates in Kauppalehti’s premises and the manuals are marketed under the Kauppalehti brand. Bonnier Business Forum Oy is part of Bonnier Publications, which publishes similar Management Manuals in Denmark and Sweden.
These Management Manuals have been produced in Denmark for ten years and in Sweden for eight years. They are published in co-operation with the leading business newspapers in each country, Borsen and Dagens Industri respectively. Over the years the manuals have become extremely popular. 
“This successful book concept has now been brought to Finland. As the country’s number one business newspaper, Kauppalehti was the natural choice as the local partner,” says Juha Blomster, President of Alma Media’s Business Information Group and Managing Director of Kauppalehti. “The Management Manuals are a highly suitable addition to Kauppalehti’s diverse range of business information publications.”
“The manuals have several thousand subscribers in Sweden and Denmark. Our aim is to achieve the same level of popularity here in Finland and we expect to break into profit with the project by the end of 2006,” comments Janne Viitala, product manager responsible for publishing the manuals at Bonnier Business Forum Oy.
Further information:
Kauppalehti’s Management Manuals (information in Finnish)
– Juha Blomster, President, Alma Media Business Information Group, Managing Director Kauppalehti,
tel. +358 9 507 7530,
– Janne Viitala, Product Manager, Bonnier Business Forum Oy, tel. +358 50 594 2006,
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