Alma Media's strong competence and stable financial position create a solid base for a strategy focused on increasing shareholder value.

Alma Media creates shareholder value by realising a strategy whose core elements include seeking profitable growth in digital media and service businesses.

The following matters support investing in Alma Media:

1. Digital business as a driver of growth - the media business is transforming into a service

Our transformation from a printed newspaper publishing business to a multimedia and service company providing digital services has been well underway since the mid-1990s.

  • Investments in digital recruitment platforms has been particularly successful in Eastern Central Europe.
  • In line with our strategy, we leverage the latest technologies and strong expertise in developing digital products and services.
  • digital business accounts for nearly 70 per cent of the Group’s total revenue.

2. Leading market position and strong brands 

Our products are the leading media and service brands in respective target groups and have a strong market position in most of our operating countries.

  • In the recruitment business, we are the market leader in seven countries in Eastern Central Europe.
  • We have several strong media and service brands in Finland
    • The leading financial media brands Kauppalehti and Talouselämä as well as the country’s third-largest news media Iltalehti
    • Leading marketplaces in the housing and automotive segments
    • We also provide services supporting professional development and business growth: book publishing, training and seminars as well as information services.
    • For advertisers, we offer the number two Finnish digital advertising network.

3. Strong financial position enables future growth

  • Cost-efficient and agile business model supports profitable growth.
  • Good cash flow enables repayment of debt as well as investments in accelerating the digital transformation.
  • Alma Media distributes on average more than half of profits as dividends.

See Alma Media's financial targets here.