Company or business operations

Acquisition or divestment

Alma Career OyAlma Media Corporation acquired Monster Worldwide Scandinavia AB's 16.66 per cent minority shareholding in Alma Career. With this transaction, Alma Career Oy becomes fully owned by Alma Media.
Nettix OyAlma Media acquires Nettix Oy’s entire share capital from Otava Group. The acquisition strengthens Alma Media’s position in the marketplaces business in Finland, especially in automotive and mobility services.
Alma Mediapartners OyAlma Media acquired Arena Partners Oy’s 35 per cent minority shareholding in Alma Mediapartners Oy. With the transaction, Alma Mediapartners becomes fully owned by Alma Media. 
DIAS OyAlma Talent Oy increased shareholding in digital housing transaction service DIAS Oy to 80.5 per cent. Tomorrow Tech, the founding company and current majority shareholder of DIAS Oy, sold its 57.1 per cent shareholding. In addition, the founding banks OP, Danske Bank A/S, Aktia Bank Abp and S-Pankki Oyj sold in total 18.4 per cent of the company’s shares.



Alma Talent Ab

Alma Talent Oy sells Alma Talent Ab to New Technology Media Group Ab. Tthe magazine and online media brands Ny Teknik, Lag & Avtal, Arbetarskydd, Personal & ledarskap and Teknikhistoria were transferred to the new owner.

Alma Media Kustannus Oy
Alma Manu Oy
Alma Media sells regional news media business and printing operations to Sanoma Media Finland. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority gave its approval for the transaction in March 2020.
Muuttomaailma OyAlma Mediapartners, a subsidiary of Alma Media, acquired the remaining share capital of Muuttomaailma. Alma Mediapartners previously held a 25 per cent stake in the company. 
January 2020Kolektiv LtdAlma Media acquired Kolektiv Ltd, the leading online recruitment service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The local competition regulator process, as the prerequisite for the transaction, was finalised and the transaction completed at the turn of the year.
December 2019 Affärsvärlden Alma Talent agreed on a business transfer agreement under which it sold the Affärsvärlden financial media business to the Swedish company Börsplus Ab effective from March 2020.
July 2019Etua OyAlma Media increased its ownership in Etua Oy, provider of competitive tender services for loans and insurances, from 20 percent to 60 per cent.
June 2019Alma Manu Oy, early morning operationsAlma Media Kustannus Oy and Alma Manu Oy have agreed on a business transfer and a delivery service agreement under which the early morning delivery operations carried out by Alma Manu in Pirkanmaa and Satakunta related to the newspapers published by Alma Media Kustannus will be outsourced to Posti Ltd at the beginning of 2020.
May 2019Suomen Tukkuautot OyAlma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy acquired Suomen Tukkuautot Oy, the owner of the online service for automotive industry professionals.
August 2018LuoteisväyläAlma Media’s subsidiary Alma Media Kustannus Oy divested the Luoteisväylä newspaper, published in Noormarkku in Pori, to Viestintä Vallin Oy. 
June 2018 Dagens Media Sverige Ab Alma Talent sold Dagens Media Sverige Ab to Bonnies Business Media. Mediabrands transferred were Dagens Media and Medievärlden.
June 2018 The Finnish  News Agency STT Alma Media sold its shares in The Finnish  News Agency STT to Sanoma Media Finland. Alma Media owned 24.07 percent of STT.
June 2018 Matkapörssi- ja Lentokeskus business operationsAlma Consumer’s travel media Rantapallo sold the Matkapörssi and Lentokeskus business operations to Lakeuden Matkat Oy.
June 2018 CRM system’s reselling and maintenance business operations  Alma Talent sold its CRM system’s reselling and maintenance business operations to CRM-service Oy.
April 2018Newspaper and distribution business in Lapland Alma Media sold its newspaper and distribution business in Lapland to Kaleva: the regional newspaper Lapin Kansa, the town papers Uusi Rovaniemi and Lounais-Lappi as well as Alma Manu Oy’s distribution business in Lapland.
March 2018 Etua Oy Alma Media acquired 20 per cent of the share capital of Etua.fi, a provider of competitive tender services for loans and insurances, through a directed share issue.
January 2018Käyttösofta Oy Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners acquired Käyttösofta Oy.
January 2018 

Autojerry Oy

Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners acquired the remaining share capital to become the full owner of AutoJerry Oy.
January 2018Ahorouta Oy
Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy acquired Katsastushinnat.fi, a marketplace for comparing vehicle inspection services, by buying Ahorouta Oy.
October 2017Raahen Seutu, Raahelainen and PyhäjokiseutuThe local newspapers published by Alma Regions in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa were sold to Kaleva’s subsidiary Kaleva365 Oy.
June 2017Ab Mediuutiset OyPart of Alma Media, Alma Talent acquired full ownership of Ab Mediuutiset Oy from Bonnier Business Press Ab, which is part of the Bonnier Group. Alma Talent previously had 50% ownership.
June 2017Tietoverkko OyAlma Media sold its share of 35.14% of Tampereen Tietoverkko (TTV) Oy to Elisa Corporation.
March 2017Remonttibulevardi Oy (Urakkamaailma)Alma Mediapartners, a subsidiary of Alma Media, acquired the remaining share capital and became the full owner of Urakkamaailma.fi.



December 2016

Professio Finland Oy

Alma Talent Events Oy, an Alma Media group company, divested its 49.9 % shareholding to Cor Group Oy, the main shareholder of Professio Finland Oy.

September 2016

Kustannusosakeyhtiö Uusi Suomi

Alma Media acquired the business of publishing company Uusi Suomi.

June 2016

Remonttibulevardi Oy (Urakkamaailma)

Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy made an additional investment in Urakkamaailma.fi, increasing its holding from 30 to 51 per cent.

April 2016

Rantapallo Oy


Alma Media increased its ownership in Rantapallo Oy from 35 to 79 per cent.

January 2016

Autojerry Oy

Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy acquired 24 per cent AutoJerry, which offers competitive tender services for car servicing.

January 2016

Jobote s.r.o

LMC s.r.o, part of Alma Career Oy acquired Jobote s.r.o., Czech start-up developing and providing new technology in recruitment.

January 2016

NettiKoti Oy

Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy acquired 51 per cent Raksa ja KotiKauppa Oy, a software company for ERP systems in new construction and renovation.



September–November 2015

Talentum Corporation 

Acquisition of a majority share in Talentum. An exchange offer on Talentum. 

October 2015

Alma 360 Oy

Customer media and content marketing service provider Alma 360 sold to Otavamedia.

July 2015

Kuriiri local paper

Kuriiri local paper sold to Kuriirilainen Oy.

May 2015

Koti-Lappi local paper

Koti-Lappi local paper sold to SLP Kustannus Oy.

February 2015

Kainuun Sanomat

Alma Media’s Kainuu newspaper business was sold to SLP Kustannus Oy. The transaction involved the transfer of the regional newspaper Kainuun Sanomat, the town paper Koti-Kajaani and three subscription-based local papers to the subsidiary of Suomalainen Lehtipaino Oy.

January 2015

JM Tieto Oy

Alma Media acquired the entire stock of JM Tieto Oy. Alma Media previously held a 20 per cent stake in the company. The sellers were the founder of JM Tieto and the company’s acting management.



November 2014


City24, a housing portal operating in the Baltic countries was sold to Oü 24m2, owned by the Estonian investment company Koha Capital Oü.

June 2014

Alkali Oy

Alma Media’s subsidiary Alma Mediapartners Oy bought all shares in Alkali Oy. Alma Media had been a shareholder in Alkali since 2010.

March 2014

Baltic News Service (BNS)

News agency and media monitoring company Baltic News Service (BNS) sold to OÜ Uudisvoog, a company owned by the Estonian investment company Koha Capital OÜ.

January 2014


Alma Media Corporation and Monster Worldwide Inc. reach an agreement in November 2013 to strengthen their co-operation to cover Eastern Central Europe and the Baltic countries.
The joint venture Alma Career Oy starts its operations. Moster Worldwide Inc. became a minority shareholder in Alma Career Oy. Alma Career Oy operates recruitment services in nine countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.



June 2013

Julkaisupalvelu Lounais-Lappi Oy

Forum24 Oy, a subsidiary of Kaleva Group, sells the entire share capital of Julkaisupalvelu Lounais-Lappi Oy to Alma Media Corporation.

April 2013


Alma Media sells its marketplace for used cars in Slovakia, Autovia.sk, to Azet.sk, the country’s leading internet portal.

April 2013


Alma Media sells Mascus, the marketplace for heavy machinery and vehicles, to Mascus’ licence partner in the Benelux countries, Mascus International BV, which is owned by Vortex Capital Partners, a Netherlands-based venture capital firm.



November 2012

Companies focused on recruitment portals, including Profesia s.r.o. and moj-posau.net

Alma Media Corporation buys the leading digital recruitment services in Slovakia and Croatia, as well as minority shares in the leading recruitment portals in the Serbian and Bosnian markets.

August 2012


Alma Media buys e-kontakti.fi, Finland’s largest paid online dating service, from the Swedish company Intodate International AB.

February 2012

CV Online

Alma Media Corporation buys CV Online, the leading online recruitment service company in the Baltic countries.



December 2011

LMC s.r.o

Alma Media Corporation buys LMC s.r.o., the company that owns the two leading recruitment portals in the Czech Republic.



June 2010

Kotikokki Net Oy

Alma Media Corporation increased its holding in Kotikokki Net Oy to 65%. Rohea Oy, the founder of the Kotikokki.net service, stays on as a minority shareholder.

March 2010

Tyrvään Sanomat Oy

The business operations of Tyrvään Sanomat Oy are transferred to Suomen Paikallissanomat Oy.



November 2009

Kauppalehti 121 Oy

Kauppalehti Oy, a subsidiary of Alma Media Group, sells its direct marketing company Kauppalehti 121 Oy to Bisnode AB.

May 2009

Motors24 companies

Motors24 portals, which are marketplaces for cars operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. sold to Country Manager for Motors24 in Estonia, and two  Estonian investors.



December 2008

AP-Paino Oy

Alma Media Corporation sells its shares in its associated company AP-Paino Oy (formerly Acta Print Kivenlahti Oy) and the capital loan receivables granted to the company by Alma Media Corporation.

December 2008

Janakkalan Sanomat/Kurun Sanomat

Janakkalan Sanomat, a local paper published in Janakkala, is acquired by Suomen Paikallissanomat Oy. Kurun Sanomat, published in Kuru, is transferred to Ylöjärven Uutiset Oy, a subsidiary of Pirkanmaan Lehtitalo.

June 2008


Rannikkoseutu, a local paper published in Raisio, is acquired by Suomen Paikallissanomat Oy.

February 2008


Jadecon Oy, the publishing company behind Telkku.com, which is Finland’s leading online service for TV programming information, is acquired by Alma Media Group’s subsidiary Iltalehti.



August 2007

Kainuun Sanomat Oy

Alma Media Corporation sells the sheet-fed printing business of Kainuun Sanomat Oy to KS Paino Oy.



August 2006


Alma Media Marketplaces acquires Objektvision.se, the Swedish market leader among online marketplaces for business premises, and Bovision.se, the second-most popular online housing marketplace in Sweden, from the Swedish IT company Capitex Kalmar AB.

July 2006

TietoEnator 121 Oy

Kustannus Oy Kauppalehti increases its holding in the direct marketing company TietoEnator 121 Oy from 49% to 100% by acquiring TietoEnator’s 51% share.

February 2006

AS Autoinfo

The company acquires a majority stake in AS Autoinfo, a marketplace specialising in used cars based in Tallinn, Estonia, from Cream International.



October 2005

NWS unit

The NWS unit, which is focused on the design and production of technology solutions for interactive media and is part of Alma Media’s Marketplaces unit, is sold to Plenware Group Oy.

August 2005

Broadcasting division

Alma Media’s Broadcasting division is transferred to Nordic Broadcasting, a company established by Bonnier and Proventus.

May 2005


Alma Media’s Kauppalehti Group acquires the ePortti business from TietoEnator Oyj.

January 2005


Alma Media acquires the entire share capital of Kinnisvaraportaal AS, the company that maintains City24.ee, which is the largest online housing marketplace in Estonia.