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Gofinland is a new sales channel for service providers in Finland. Its purpose is to create additional sales. The service features advertisements related to holiday homes, summer cottages, activities and activity services.

For advertisers, we offer native advertising spots for content relevant to Gofinland. The service reaches travellers planning a holiday in Finland. It is also intended to encourage and inspire people to visit Finland.

We offer advertising solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us if you want to be seen in a unique advertising environment!

More information about the service: 

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Here we present the other products we offer to support the business of travel service entrepreneurs. Please contact our sales department for more information: p. 040 548 6976

JOHKU – online store and booking system

Gofinland and JOHKU have teamed up to create one of the most competitive solutions for the travel industry’s product and service marketing, sales, and management. 

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Cabin photography service

Studies show that high-quality professional photos increase interest toward a cabin. Booking decisions are made largely based on pictures. It is possible to increase cabin bookings with realistic high-quality pictures.

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Videos also play a pivotal role in the purchasing decision by arousing interest and confirming that the right decision has been made. A video evokes emotions and leaves a positive mental image. Their importance in the sales and marketing process is continuously increasing.

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In the future, growth in domestic tourism will come from abroad. For this reason, all new channels that rouse foreign interest in Finland as a vacation destination are welcome. The Gofinland blog is written in English and aimed toward the international market.

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