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Economic & cultural well-being, vitality of communities

Alma Media and communities

A media company has significant direct and indirect effects on the communities in which it operates, as well as the surrounding society at large, and the way society operates.

Media’s impacts on society and communities promote both economic and cultural well-being and vitality. The most significant responsibility sections in Alma Media related to communities are:

  • locality and communality
  • renewal on communities' terms
  • diversity and the multi-channel approach
  • economic impacts on society

Locality and communality

Supporting and promoting locality and communality are special characteristics of Alma Media's corporate responsibility. Throughout their existence, Alma Media's newspapers have highlighted subjects that are important to local culture and identity, promoted good Finnish language and supported the cultural and economic development and vitality of their respective spheres of influence. For example, Aamulehti's mission is to promote well-being in Pirkanmaa. Kauppalehti, for its part, seeks to support success and well-being in its community of economic decision-makers, entrepreneurs and other influencers in the world of business throughout Finland. Promoting media literacy, particularly among young readers, is also part of Alma Media's cultural responsibility.

Vitality at a local level is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development and an important operating condition for Alma Media's local and regional newspapers. The success of the Group's various media in supporting locality and vitality in their respective areas is monitored through feedback, reader panels and circulation analysis.

In recent years, communality created through the use of online services has developed into an important area of social influence for Alma Media, becoming a new responsibility for the Group in the process.

Alma Media together with its units also support communities through partnerships with various non-governmental organisations, such as the Finnish Chrildren and Youth Foundation and the Finnish Red Cross. Partnerships take different forms, varying from offers on advertising space to joint events.


Genuinely local journalism and a strong presence are at the core of Alma Media's corporate responsibility. The Group's media play a strong participatory role in building and maintaining local solidarity, bringing people together and evoking discussion and debate. In a changing world, the media bears a responsibility for the well-being of its community by maintaining its own vitality and renewing itself with the support of the local community.

Continuous dialogue with readers enables media to serve the needs of the changing community and society. Through increased mutual cooperation, newspapers are able to serve their readers better by highlighting and interpreting subjects that are important to their respective regions. The success of changes and renewal projects are monitored in the same manner as themes related to locality and communality: through reader feedback, reader panels and monitoring circulation numbers.

Diversity and the multi-channel approach

According to the principles of sustainable development, a socially responsible corporation should serve multiple audiences, user groups and needs. Trends such as the aging of the population, globalisation and the fragmentation of interests have created an entirely new operating environment where audience needs can be served in a balanced manner.

Alma Media provides content through multiple channels: in addition to traditional print media, the Group's offering is quickly becoming digitalised: online news, digital marketplaces, different mobile and tablet versions and Internet television are already part of daily life. This gives everyone the opportunity to use media. Content must also meet the needs of a diverse society. This can best be achieved through a balanced approach to content. Diversity has been one of the starting points in the renewal processes of many of the Alma Media's newspapers and other media.

The success of the approach based on diversity and a multi-channel offering is monitored through feedback, panels, discussions and reader and user statistics.

Economic impacts on society

Alma Media Group and its business units have diverse economic impacts on their stakeholders. The Group companies are important employers, taxpayers and customers of other companies in their operating areas. Newspapers also execute a major indirect economic influence, as one of their central tasks is to act as a voice of their community and a promoter of well-being.

The profitability of business and a solid financial position form the basis for the responsible operation of Alma Media and its business units. Profitability also guarantees the journalistic integrity of Alma Media's newspapers.

In addition to the direct and indirect impacts of its business operations, Alma Media supports economically sustainable development in many ways, for instance through the Responsible Summer Job -campaign partnership with the Economic Information Office TAT and T-Media. In 2015, Alma Media is one of the main partners of the campaign for the fifth consecutive year.

Added value for society


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