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Responsible partner

At Alma Media, our goal is to conduct our business transparently and in an environmentally,
socially and economically sustainable manner.

We adhere to our Code of Conduct (PDF) in our operations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and
bribery and we openly report our tax footprint.

To reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, we have set ourselves long-term emission targets that are
aligned with global goals. Our climate actions also extend to our major subcontractors whom we encourage
to consider their own carbon footprint.

Dobro connected helpers with those needed help

During the outbreak of the corona virus, Alma’s subsidiary, the Czech-based LMC, developed platform, which connected volunteer helpers and those in need of assistance.

Lower CO2 emissions through lighting

New, energy efficient led lamps controlled by a smart system replaced the old fluorescent lights in the extensive lighting renovation project, completed in Alma Media”s Tampere office.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Alma Media is one of the leading Finnish companies which have already set their science based carbon dioxide emission reductions targets.

Puun viherä taimi kämmenellä

Alma Media’s premises switched to zero-emission electricity

Alma Media has reduced the greenhouse gas emissions of the properties it controls in Finland by switching to zero-emission electricity and by improving the energy efficiency of its properties.

A responsible taxpayer

Alma Media openly presents its tax footprint in its sustainability reports.

Green decisions

Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the energy consumption of our real estate and our company cars by 21%
by the mid-2020s, and to reduce indirect CO2 emissions (such as those caused by printing subcontracting)
by 10% by 2023. (Comparison year: 2016).

In Finland, we intend to improve the energy efficiency of our real estate by 5% by 2020, discontinue the use of electric
power that generates CO2 emissions and reduce the material loss generated during magazine and newspaper printing
annually by 2% until 2025.



Sustainability became the core of business 

Forerunner businesses in many sectors have understood that developing sustainability persistently strengthens their market position. More and more investors, consumers and partners are evaluating businesses based on their sustainability.