Job satisfaction, well-being,
competence development


Good employer

In a time of rapid digital transformation and other changes in working life, employees’ core competencies can become outdated quite quickly. On the other hand, entirely new roles and expertise needs will emerge. 

Alma Media responds to this challenge by ensuring that its employees have a wide range of employment opportunities and that the diversity of the work community is systematically developed.

Alma Media’s responsible company culture also includes treating all employees equally and fairly, in line with our Code of Conduct.


Good employer

Targeted training to address actual needs

Changes in competence requirements in today’s working life are often so sudden that the traditional approach of organising employee training in cooperation with external partners is not fast enough.

Recognising this challenge, Alma Media’s HR function developed a new agile training concept in spring 2015 to complement Alma Media’s previous solutions for developing its employees’ subject matter expertise. The concept was named the Alma Academy. 

Training provided by the Academy almost always starts from a unit supervisor observing that his or her subordinates need training related to a specific area. The supervisor contacts HR, who assist in planning the training. In practice, the supervisors and participating employees create the customised training content themselves to ensure that it matches their needs. 

The Academy’s training programmes are usually very popular. Supervisors are pleased that the training programmes only take a couple of weeks to put together, while employees are happy that the content is very practical as well as efficient in terms of the use of time.  

“Alma Academy’s training is also cost-efficient, because the training is mainly provided by Alma Media’s in-house professionals as well as experts who are within the contact networks of Alma Media employees,” says satisfied HR Manager Heini Heikkilä.  

Our goal is to have highly competent and satisfied employees

Alma Media surveys the trend in its employer image by means of a large annual employee survey and supplementary surveys.

In addition, we report annually whether we have been informed of any violations related to inappropriate treatment of employees, either by the authorities or via the whistleblowing channel available to the Group’s employees. The company has a policy of zero tolerance for employee discrimination and other inappropriate conduct.


More visible is more interesting

A clear employer brand is an asset, as companies compete over talents or build employee loyalty, highlights Alma Media's People Development Lead Joni Mäkinen.