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Good employer

In a time of rapid digital transformation and other changes in working life, employees’ core competencies can become outdated quite quickly. On the other hand, entirely new roles and expertise needs will emerge. Alma Media responds to this challenge by ensuring that its employees have a wide range of employment opportunities and that the diversity of the work community is systematically developed. Alma Media’s responsible company culture also includes treating all employees equally and fairly, in line with our Code of Conduct.

Equal and diverse work community

Alma Media is committed to building a pluralistic and pro-diversity organisational culture by providing all employees with equal rights and opportunities and by treating everyone equally. Alma Media has a zero tolerance policy regarding the discrimination and inappropriate treatment of employees. Building an equal and diverse work community is a shared goal for all Alma Media employees. Alma Media will further improve its capabilities related to the creation and development of diverse teams in 2020. The significance of diversity will be emphasised even more than before in supervisor training and training aimed at the development of the work community.



Strong brands and an operating culture that values diverse skills attracts talents of the future to join Alma Media

A clear employer brand is an asset, as companies compete over talents or build employee loyalty, highlights Alma Media’s People Development Lead Joni Mäkinen.

Developing employee competence and well-being

Alma Media takes a business-driven approach to the development of employee competence in order to respond to current and future competence requirements. Alma Media’s goal-driven competence development is based on competence targets, which are defined at the team level at a minimum. The company’s aim is to have a personal plan prepared for each employee to support the development of their competence. Alma Media arranges training programmes that support the development of employee competence and invests in the collaborative learning of employees and knowledge sharing by organising mentoring programmes, training by internal coaches, competence workshops and theme events, amongst other things. The company takes a long-term approach to the development of managerial work and builds an international network of supervisors to support the sharing of best practices related to leadership and management. In 2020, Alma Media aims to further improve its employees’ opportunities for the continuous development of their competence. This will include the increased use of online learning materials to give employees even more equal opportunities to improve their competence regardless of where they are based.

Success Measures

Alma Media measures its performance in engaging the commitment of employees and competence development by means of annual employee surveys, which provide a comprehensive picture of employee perceptions regarding the effectiveness of the work community and Alma Media as an employer. The most extensive of these surveys is the annual Quality of Work Life (QWL) survey conducted in all of Alma Media’s units. The target set for the QWL survey is 75 per cent. This target was exceeded in 2019, with the score being 78.9 per cent. The state of the work community is also measured annually by finding out how willing the employees are to recommend Alma Media as an employer. The target is a score of at least 7.5 on a scale of 1–10. The score for 2019 was the first to also include units outside Finland. The overall score was 8.2.


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