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Good employer

In a time of rapid digital transformation and other changes in working life, employees’ core competencies can become outdated quite quickly. On the other hand, entirely new roles and expertise needs will emerge. Alma Media responds to this challenge by ensuring that its employees have a wide range of employment opportunities and that the diversity of the work community is systematically developed. Alma Media’s responsible company culture also includes treating all employees equally and fairly, in line with our Code of Conduct.

Equal and diverse work community

Alma Media is committed to building a pluralistic and pro-diversity organisational culture by providing all employees with equal rights and opportunities and by treating everyone equally. In 2022, the Group will conduct an employee survey concerning the realisation of equality, diversity and inclusion in the Group. The survey will be used to identify any areas for development, and the necessary development plans will be prepared based on the observations. The significance of diversity will be emphasised in communications to supervisors and in supervisor and work community development training in 2022. We are also planning an online course for all the employees covering the themes of diversity and inclusion.



Strong brands and an operating culture that values diverse skills attracts talents of the future to join Alma Media

A clear employer brand is an asset, as companies compete over talents or build employee loyalty, highlights Alma Media’s People Development Lead Joni Mäkinen.

Developing employee competence and well-being

During the past few years, the Group has particularly focused on enhancing the digital competencies of its employees and creating an employer image and employee experience of Alma Media as a responsible employer with a strong capacity for renewal. We increased the use of digital learning environments during the year 2021. We made extensive use of digital learning environments, such as Howspace and Seduo, which made it possible to develop competence in a multi-location work environment. Digital capabilities were developed in the digital marketing training package, among others. Theme-specific training related to self-management and the development of managerial work in a multilocal work environment were also key areas of HR development in 2021.

Success Measures

Alma Media measures its performance in engaging the commitment of employees and competence development by means of annual employee surveys, which provide a comprehensive picture of employee perceptions regarding the effectiveness of the work community and Alma Media as an employer. The most extensive of these surveys is the annual Quality of Work Life (QWL) survey conducted in all of Alma Media’s units. The target set for the survey is a QWL index of at least 82 per cent. This target was exceeded in the year 2021, with the score being 85.4 per cent. The state of the work community is also measured annually by finding out how willing the employees are to recommend Alma Media as an employer. The target is a score of at least 8 on a scale of 1–10. Alma Media achieved a score of 8.1. In addition to using surveys, Alma Media evaluates its performance as an employer by monitoring the long-term retention of new employees. The target is for 90 per cent of new employees to stay with the Group for at least two years after being hired. Alma Media achieved the target set for the retention of new employees in 2021. Of the employees who joined the company two years ago as new employees, more than 90 per cent remained with the Group during the year 2021.


Working at Alma

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