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Let’s get along with each other

Alma Media and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation organised a panel discussion at the SuomiAreena 2017 event in Pori with the title “Hate speech, fake media and antagonism – young people’s advice for Finns”

As part of the discussion, a list of 10 instructions was published, based on an online survey of more than 1,000 upper comprehensive school students carried out during the previous spring.

In the spirit of the celebrations of Finland’s centenary of independence, the purpose of the instructions was to help all Finns continue to get along with each other through our next century, in spite of the world becoming more complex and presenting new challenges to us. 

The discussion at the SuomiAreena event was part of broader cooperation between Alma Media and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, framed by a key partnership agreement that extends until the end of 2018. FCYF has also used the instructions from young people in various contexts in its own activities after the event.