Good employer

At the mercy of the weather

Alma Media’s printing and distribution unit Alma Manu employs hundreds of delivery staff who are responsible for delivering products safely to customers in all weather conditions.  

Alma Manu has a long history of investing in developing the occupational safety of delivery staff. In 2017, the unit set a goal of halving the number of accidents over the next five years. 

This target can only be achieved through systematic efforts to improve occupational safety among delivery staff and prevent occupational accidents. One aspect of these efforts involves ensuring that delivery staff have appropriate, ergonomic and safe equipment. Alma Media’s permanent delivery staff now have uniforms that feature reflective materials. Delivery staff are also offered optional traction cleats for their shoes and bicycle helmets are provided for delivery staff who use a bicycle to do their rounds. They also have access to tools that make delivery work faster and more ergonomic. 

Another aspect of the reduction of occupational accidents is developing the induction training for delivery staff. The emphasis of the current induction training model used by Alma Media’s distribution company is on digital self-study. Before starting work, the delivery staff must complete an induction training course that includes occupational safety as one key theme. All of Alma Media’s delivery staff also have a PDA device that they can use to report occupational safety risks and near misses to their supervisors during their rounds. All new delivery staff also go on rounds with a more experienced colleague as part of their induction training.

“We provide our delivery with digital induction training materials and their own intranet service, which they can access via their PDA devices. This brings occupational safety issues to the forefront in the daily work of delivery staff and allows supervisors to easily communicate information on issues such as exceptionally bad weather conditions or extensions to delivery times,” explains HR Assistant Jaana Myllyniemi.

Going forward, Alma Media will also enhance its accident prevention efforts by analysing near misses and accidents involving delivery staff in even more detail than before. The distribution company’s occupational safety and health organisation will also be engaged in the process of drafting and implementing the action plan.