Acts of Responsibility

We change step by step

Responsibility in Alma Media means small and big acts of responsibility. It means that our employees act responsibly in their daily work.

On this page, we have collected a list of projects related to corporate responsibility and listed changes that we have made in our own activities in order to continuously develop Alma Media as a responsible business.

We update the list continuously because there are always things that can be improved. 
Contributor to a sustainable society

Talouselämä goes carbon-neutral

Talouselämä’s first fully carbon-neutrally printed issue was published on 25 September, making Talouselämä the first carbon-neutral journalistic print publication in Finland.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Improving the Slovak education

One of the main themes in Profesia’s sustainability work is improving the Slovak education system.

Responsible partner connected helpers with those needed help

During the outbreak of the corona virus, Alma’s subsidiary, the Czech-based LMC, developed platform, which connected volunteer helpers and those in need of assistance.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Equality and diversity at work

Profesia, a Slovakian recruitment service company that is part of Alma Media Group, has launched at its home land a project that strives to help people with disabilities to find employment.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Making the future working life smoother

Alma Media with cooperative partners has organized Future Forerunners - an event focused on the working life of the future since 2018.

Responsible partner

Lower CO2 emissions through lighting

New, energy efficient led lamps controlled by a smart system replaced the old fluorescent lights in the extensive lighting renovation project, completed in Alma Media's Tampere office.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Media literacy for schoolchildren

Alma Media begun in 2018 a three-year long project which encourages Almamedians to visit schools as voluntary media literacy educators.

Responsible partner

Reducing CO2 emissions

Alma Media is one of the leading Finnish companies which have already set their science based carbon dioxide emission reductions targets.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Workshops spark life in young people

In autumn 2018, a group of Helsinki-based young people facing challenging life circumstances took part in a three-month long arts workshop, organised by Alma Media, the Children and Youth Foundation and the City of Helsinki.

Contributor to a sustainable society

For better schools

Schools need better leadership skills, felt Profesia, a Slovakian recruitment service company that is part of Alma Media Group, when the company grounded a working life academy for school principals in Slovakia in 2018.

Alma Media and Amos Rex in cooperation

Alma Media and Amos Rex, an art museum opened in Helsinki in 2018, concluded a three-year partnership agreement with the goal of diversely enabling young people to be heard.

Responsible partner

Getting energy-hungry properties under control

Alma Media signed an energy efficiency agreement concerning its properties in 2017. The agreement is part of a national energy efficiency program for years 2017-2025.

Responsible partner

A responsible taxpayer

Alma Media openly presents its tax footprint in its sustainability reports.

Good employer

Diversity Charter is a reminder of the importance of diversity

Alma Media has signed the Diversity Charter created by the corporate responsibility network FIBS. As an employer it has committed to develop the unique strengths of different employees and to understand their needs.

High-quality service provider

Higher quality in marketing

Alma Media annually jointly organizes Agency of the Year competition that is meant for Finnish marketing agencies. The goal of the competition is to raise the general competence of the field.

High-quality service provider

The GDPR is a major change

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes many new obligations on businesses regarding data processing and management.

High-quality service provider

Data is a tool

Alma Media’s online services collect information on users in compliance with data protection regulations to support the continued development of service quality.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Let’s get along with each other

Alma Media and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation organised a panel discussion at the SuomiAreena 2017 event in Pori with the title “Hate speech, fake media and antagonism – young people’s advice for Finns”.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Turning miners into coders

LMC, a Czech recruitment company and a subsidiary of Alma Media, launched a training project in late 2016 in southeastern Czech Republic, where the mining industry, which has been the traditional source of jobs in the region, is struggling with structural changes.

Contributor to a sustainable society

Facts, please!

In the run-up to the 2018 presidential elections, Alma Media’s editorial offices established a joint fact checking team to evaluate the truthfulness of claims made by the candidates.