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Social Display Format

See also guidelines and targeting opportunities for performance-based marketing

You can use 1-3 different materials.


Aspect ratioRecommended image sizesFile typeFile size
16:9Min 600 x 315 px, Max 1200 x 630 px.jpg250 kB
NOTE! The image’s Aspect ratio must remain 16:9 regardless of size
  • Logo or icon: 1:1
  • Advertiser/Brand name: max 50 characters
  • Description: max 75 characters
  • Title: max 50 characters
  • Body text: max 150 characters
  • CTA button: max 18 characters
  • Visible URL ie. website address (must be public):
      ◦ Alma Consumer network: max. 50 characters
      ◦ Alma Business network: max. 30 characters
  • Landing page URL (not visible)

NOTE! All elements are required to run the campaign


  • Maximum video size: 3MB
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Length max. 20s
  • Material: VAST or MP4
  • The last frame of the video remains as the static ending frame

The material must have a clear prompt to click (eg. “Buy now”, “Order here”)

Please deliver the materials to the following address: