Promoting democracy, pluralism
and vitality in society

Social Responsibility

Alma Media’s media brands are committed to defending freedom of speech and a pluralistic and democratic society. They engage in ethical, objective and transparent journalism and help citizens improve their media skills.

Other Alma Media units also strive to enhance the vitality of their communities and support the balanced development of society. While the methods vary, the goal is the same: providing local businesses and individuals with tools for sustainable growth.

Let’s get along with each other

Alma Media and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation organised a panel discussion at the SuomiAreena 2017 event in Pori with the title “Hate speech, fake media and antagonism – young people’s advice for Finns”.

Turning miners into coders

LMC, a Czech recruitment company and a subsidiary of Alma Media, launched a training project in late 2016 in southeastern Czech Republic, where the mining industry, which has been the traditional source of jobs in the region, is struggling with structural changes.

Facts, please!

In the run-up to the 2018 presidential elections, Alma Media’s editorial offices established a joint fact checking team to evaluate the truthfulness of claims made by the candidates.

One euro

Alma Media’s Czech-based recruitment company LMC provides its recruitment services to NGOs for a nominal fee of one euro, which sees the company reach out to the third sector in a gesture worth millions of euros per year.

An opposing force to fake news and hate speech

Responsible media companies must internalise how they can best support democracy and open dialogue between citizens. 

One way to achieve this is to continuously develop the ways editorial teams work and to open up this information to public scrutiny. Alma Media’s editorial teams have set clear quality goals for the content they publish. The key indicators used in monitoring their achievement include the number of condemnatory decisions by the Council for Mass Media as well as the results of reader surveys. If the results decline, the editorial teams take action to respond.  

Alma Media’s editorial teams have also begun to focus more on media education. We consider it important for Finnish schools to produce children who have the capacity to act sensibly when faced by the flood of content available in today’s world.

Uutismediajärjestö INMA:n toimitusjohtaja Earl Wilkinson

Facebook is a frenemy

Facebook is good at pulling people's chatter together but bad at governing it, says Earl Wilkinson who is the Executive Director and CEO of the International News Media Association. 

For the traditional media this gives an opportunity to strike back.