Sustainability, ethics,

Responsible business


At Alma Media, our goal is to conduct our business transparently and in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

We adhere to our Code of Conduct in our operations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery and we openly report our tax footprint. To reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, we have set long-term emission targets for ourselves and we also encourage our major subcontractors to focus on their carbon footprint.

Getting energy-hungry properties under control

Alma Media signed an energy efficiency agreement concerning its properties in 2017. The agreement is part of a national energy efficiency program for years 2017-2025.

A responsible taxpayer

Alma Media began reporting its tax footprint more extensively in 2017.

Waste transport optimised at the printing press

Reorganising waste transports in Alma Media’s printing arm Alma Manu reduced the need for waste transportation by 13 per cent and saved money.

Green decisions

At Alma Media, we take a systematic, long-term approach to reducing the emissions generated by our operations. Our goal is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the energy consumption of Alma Media’s properties and the company cars used by employees by 21 per cent by 2025, using 2016 as the baseline. 

In Finland, a further goal is to improve the energy efficiency of properties by five per cent in by 2020 and to discontinue the use of non-renewable electric power. Alma Media’s printing press participates in the effort to reduce emissions by pursuing a target of reducing material waste in printing operations by two per cent annually until 2025.



Four interesting eco-facts about media

Recycle newspapers and old computers, and do not upgrade yearly to the latest smart telephone.

These are some practical hints on how each one of us can minimize the environmental impacts of his or her media consumption.