Job satisfaction, well-being,
competence development


Responsibility as an employer

In a time of rapid digital transformation and other changes in working life, employees’ core competencies can become outdated quite quickly. A responsible employer must strive to ensure good development opportunities for employees. 

Alma Media’s responsible company culture also includes treating all employees equally and fairly, in line with our Code of Conduct. Building Alma Media’s future requires a diverse group of employees.

Diversity Charter is a reminder of the importance of diversity

Alma Media signed the Diversity Charter created by the corporate responsibility network FIBS in 2016.

At the mercy of the weather

There are few occupational accidents in Alma Media, the only exception being deliverers who work in all kinds of weathers. The unit is working hard to diminish to diminish deliverers' occupational accidents.

Targeted training to address actual needs

The fast digital transformation of media has brought new demands for employee training. Alma Media's response for them has been to create a new, more agile training concept.

Our goal is to have highly competent and satisfied employees

As an employer, Alma Media aims to provide employees with inspiring duties and diverse opportunities for development. It is equally important to take a long-term approach to developing our company culture and building an equal and diverse work community. 

Alma Media measures its performance in this area by conducting annual surveys and monitoring whether the Group is informed of any violations related to the inappropriate treatment of employees, either by the authorities or via the whistleblowing channel available to the Group’s employees. The company has a policy of zero tolerance for employee discrimination and other inappropriate conduct.

Avattu passi, jossa leimoja ulkomailta


More and more of people working in Alma Media's delivery business are of foreign descent. These days, more than one fourth of deliverers are of foreign birth, and the deliverers represent approximately thirty different nationalities.

For many of these people work as a deliverer is the first real job in Finland.