Acts of Responsibility

We change step by step

Responsibility in Alma Media means small and big acts of responsibility. It means that our employees act responsibly in their daily work.

On this page, we have collected a list of projects related to corporate responsibility and listed changes that we have made in our own activities in order to continuously develop Alma Media as a responsible business.

We update the list continuously because there are always things that can be improved. 

Alma Media and Amos Rex in cooperation

Alma Media and Amos Rex, an art museum opened in Helsinki in 2018, concluded a three-year partnership agreement with the goal of diversely enabling young people to be heard.

Responsible business

Getting energy-hungry properties under control

Alma Media signed an energy efficiency agreement concerning its properties in 2017. The agreement is part of a national energy efficiency program for years 2017-2025.

Responsible business

A responsible taxpayer

Alma Media began reporting its tax footprint more extensively in 2017.

Responsible employer

Diversity Charter is a reminder of the importance of diversity

Alma Media signed the Diversity Charter created by the corporate responsibility network FIBS in 2016.

Responsible products

Higher quality in marketing

Alma Media and other leading Finnish players in the field of marketing communications launched a joint project, #siksimarkkinointia (“marketing – that’s why”) in 2016.

Responsible products

The GDPR is a major change

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes many new obligations on businesses regarding data processing and management.

Responsible products

Data is a tool

Alma Media’s online services collect information on users in compliance with data protection regulations to support the continued development of service quality.

Social responsibility

Let’s get along with each other

Alma Media and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation organised a panel discussion at the SuomiAreena 2017 event in Pori with the title “Hate speech, fake media and antagonism – young people’s advice for Finns”.

Social responsibility

Turning miners into coders

LMC, a Czech recruitment company and a subsidiary of Alma Media, launched a training project in late 2016 in southeastern Czech Republic, where the mining industry, which has been the traditional source of jobs in the region, is struggling with structural changes.

Social responsibility

Facts, please!

In the run-up to the 2018 presidential elections, Alma Media’s editorial offices established a joint fact checking team to evaluate the truthfulness of claims made by the candidates.

Responsible employer

At the mercy of the weather

There are few occupational accidents in Alma Media, the only exception being deliverers who work in all kinds of weathers. The unit is working hard to diminish to diminish deliverers' occupational accidents.

Responsible business

Waste transport optimised at the printing press

Reorganising waste transports in Alma Media’s printing arm Alma Manu reduced the need for waste transportation by 13 per cent and saved money.

Social responsibility

One euro

Alma Media’s Czech-based recruitment company LMC provides its recruitment services to NGOs for a nominal fee of one euro, which sees the company reach out to the third sector in a gesture worth millions of euros per year.

Responsible employer

Targeted training to address actual needs

The fast digital transformation of media has brought new demands for employee training. Alma Media's response for them has been to create a new, more agile training concept.

Responsible products

Lessons in marketing

Over the past few years, programmatic buying has become part of the standard toolbox of digital advertising in Finland, but it remains an area where many companies are still taking their first steps.