ALMA MEDIA CORP STOCK EXCHANGE BULLETIN 30 October 1998, at 12.00 ALMA MEDIA HOLDS 51.00 % OF VOTING POWER INPOHJOLAN SANOMAT OYJ Alma Media Group’s holding of Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj shares has risen to over 50 %. Alma Media Group currently holds 66.92 % of the Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj shares. This holding represents 51.00 % of the voting rights carried by all the shares. On 10 September 1998 Puossakka Oy, an Alma Media subsidiary, made a public offer to buy all the shares of Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj. Puossakka Oy is a registered shareholder of Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj. The offer commenced on 21 September 1998 and it will remain in force until 30 November 1998. Before the offer was made, the Alma Media Group owned 45.0 % of Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj’s shares, which represented 30.0 % of the voting power in the company. During the offer period Puossakka Oy has bought altogether 112,440 A shares and 156,297 K shares. The Alma Media Group currently holds 450,320 A shares and 370 118 K shares. It has been decided to extend the public offer made by Puossakka Oy to purchase the Pohjolan Sanomat Oyj shares until 30 November 1998. From 2 November 1998 the offer price will be FIM 40 per shares. Shareholders who have sold their shares for FIM 32 per share during the offer period will be paid a premium of FIM 8 per share on 4 November (estimated) as required by the terms of the offer. ALMA MEDIA OYJ Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Corporate Communications Distribution: Helsinki Stock Exchange Principal media
  • Date: 30.10.1998, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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