Share split and voluntary share series conversion to take effect on 2 April

ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCH. ANNOUNCEMENT 29 MARCH 2004, 14.15 SHARE SPLIT AND VOLUNTARY SHARE SERIES CONVERSION TO TAKE EFFECT ON 2 APRIL The decisions of Alma Media’s Annual General Meeting to increase the number of Alma Media shares in the ratio of 1:4 without raising the share capital and to offer shareholders the possibility to voluntarily convert their Series I shares to Series II shares take effect on 2 April 2004. The number of shares will increase from the current total of 15 730 185 to 62 920 740 shares. At the same time the book countervalue of the share will be reduced from 1.68 euros to 0.42 euros. The share capital remains the same. The minimum share capital of the company is 17 MEUR and the maximum share capital 60 MEUR. The AGM decided that the company shall have no less than 50 million and no more than 160 million shares, and no more than 60 million Series I shares and no more than 160 million Series II shares. Owing to the increase in the total number of shares, the Board of Directors has decided to change the subscription conditions applying to the warrants under Alma Media’s 1999 bond with warrants such that the number of shares that may be subscribed for under the A and B warrants will be increased from one share to four shares per warrant and the dividend-adjusted subscription price will be reduced to one-fourth of its present value. Following this change the 610 000 warrants may be exercised to subscribe for at most 2 440 000 Series II shares. From 2 April, the share subscription price for the A warrant will be 4.75 euros and for the B warrant 5.58 euros. From 2 April shareholders will be allowed to convert the Series I shares into Series II shares in the ratio of 1:1. To do this shareholders will be required to present a written conversion order to Alma Media Corporation. The conversion order form, instructions and timetable for the conversion are available at ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert Communications Manager DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 29.3.2004, 14:15
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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