BNS expands operations in Estonia

ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 28 MAY 2003 BNS expands operations in Estonia Baltic News Service (BNS), which is owned by Alma Media’s Business Information Group, is expanding its operations in Estonia. The leading news office in the Baltic countries announced on Wednesday that it had acquired the media monitoring operations of the media company Corpore. The parties are not announcing the price of the transaction. The acquired business will increase BNS’s net sales this year by some EUR 150 000. BNS will launch media services under the ETA-Monitooring name. The BNS subsidiary will look for market growth through new, tailored customer solutions, such as monitoring the competitors in individual sectors, limited market analyses and various online databanks. Through this transaction BNS is following its strategy and expanding into business areas that complement its conventional news office services. The biggest competitor of ETA-Monitooring is Observer Eesti. Further information Kari Väisänen, Director, Business Information Group, tel. +358-9 507 8600
  • Date: 28.5.2003, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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