ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 28.4.2003, 9.00 KEY ALMA MEDIA EXECUTIVES TO NEW POSITIONS Kari Väisänen, currently Sales and Marketing Director at Kauppalehti, part of Alma Media’s Business Information Group, becomes President of Alma Media’s wholly owned subsidiary Baltic News Service on 1 July 2003. Väisänen has also been named chairman of the board of directors of Suomen Lehdentekijät-ryhmä Oy. Baltic News Service produces news in five languages for distribution throughout the Baltic countries. It has annual net sales of around EUR 4 million and some 160 employees. Kari Väisänen has a strong background in news editing and production having worked as managing director and editor-in-chief of STT (the Finnish News Agency) between 1996 and 1999. Suomen Lehdentekijät-ryhmä Oy became part of Business Information Group at the start of the year. This group, with annual net sales of approximately EUR 7 million and over 30 employees, comprises two companies, each profitable and a strong player in its respective sector. Alma Media aims to strengthen these companies and apply in them the same multichannel concept that has proved successful with Kauppalehti. Radio Nova’s current Marketing Director, Päivi Nurmesniemi, takes up the position of Marketing Director, Kauppalehti, on 1 August 2003. Nurmesniemi will be responsible for Kauppalehti’s media marketing, for the Kauppalehti brand and for developing marketing of the multimedia concept. Väisänen and Nurmesniemi will report to Juha Blomster, President of Business Information Group. From 1 June Radio Nova’s Sales Director Leena Rotko will be responsible for the radio channel’s media sales; Kristiina Rintala, currently product manager, for the company’s marketing. Rotko and Rintala will join Radio Nova’s board of management, reporting to Petri Manninen, managing director of Radio Nova. Job rotation among key employees will deepen their expertise, according to Alma Media’s President and CEO Juho Lipsanen, as well as enhance the Group’s competitiveness and customer service in its various units. This policy also supports the company’s value, Spirit of Teamwork.
  • Date: 28.4.2003, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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