ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 26 Sep 2000 TVTV! AVAILABLE ON ALL SONERA CABLE NETWORKS Sonera will offer the TVTV! cable channel on its cable networks from 2nd October 2000. Sonera’s cable television services cover roughly 139,700 households in Finland. TVTV! will be available in the largest localities in this network during October and most of the remaining localities by the end of the year. The new agreement with Sonera now gives TVTV! distribution agreements with all cable television companies on mainland Finland. Over 900,000 households have cable TV in Finland giving cable coverage to some 2 million people. TVTV!, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTV Oy, began operating on 1st February 2000. TVTV! is a full-scale television channel financed by advertising revenue. It is therefore a free service for both viewers and the cable operators that transmit it. TVTV!’s round-the-clock programme offering consist of series, music and TVWEB. The channel is an excellent test environment for both advertisers and programme planners with Finland soon to adopt digital television and a multichannel environment. Some of TVTV!’s programmes have combined conventional television and Internet services from the outset. Alma Media Group will begin offering ADSL connections to consumers in the Helsinki metropolitan area before the end of the year. The MTV3-ADSL connection will make it possible to offer both TVTV! and the MTV3 Channel to viewers using a broadband Internet connection. 1 % viewer share When TVTV! was launched the target was to capture 0.8 - 1 % of total viewing time during the first operating year. In fact the channel already reached its 1 % target by the end of August. TVTV! transmissions in the Helsinki metropolitan area started on 14th July 2000. Its programmes have been warmly received by viewers and feedback has been particularly enthusiastic for the American talk show "Late Night with Conan O’Brienö, the American comedy series "Will & Graceö, the English cult series "Monty Python’s Flying Circusö and sci-fi programmes shown at 21.00 on weekdays. The channel’s young and urban viewers are an ideal target group for advertisers representing a wide range of branded products, says Channel Director Marko Kulmala. "We offer advertisers large viewer groups at clearly lower prices than the national TV channels. But we are not competing for the same customers because, although we operate in the same market, we are giving advertisers an entirely new alternative for TV advertising. Our share of total viewing time has risen much faster than we forecast. We are now as well positioned with respect to coverage as we possibly could be in Finland, so we expect interest in our service to increase rapidly among advertisers as well,ö Kulmala states. Further information: Director Marko Kulmala, MTV Oy, +358-9-1500 683 Distribution: Principal media
  • Date: 26.9.2000, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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