ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT 26 MAY 2003, 10.00 AM LISTING OF ALMA MEDIA B WARRANTS STARTS ON 28 MAY Listing of the B warrants under Alma Media’s 1999 bond with warrants commences on the Helsinki Exchanges on 28 May 2003. The total number of listed B warrants is 305,000. The trading and share subscription period for the B warrants starts on 28 May 2003. Each B warrant may be subscribed for one Alma Media Corporation Series II share. The current strike price is EUR 24.80. There are altogether 305,000 B warrants. The trading and subscription period expires on 30 June 2006. The average quoted price of the Series II share in October 1999 used to calculate the strike price was EUR 20.58. The conditions of the bond stipulate that the share subscription period began on 28 May 2001 at a strike price 12 % above the average quoted price in October 1999, i.e. EUR 23.05 per share, and that the share subscription period under the B warrants starts on 28 May 2003 at a strike price 28 % above the aforementioned price, less the amount of dividend paid before subscription, that is EUR 24.80 per share. The trading code for the B warrants is ALM2VEW299, ISIN code FI0009602932 and the warrants will be traded in lots of 100. The complete terms and conditions of the bond with warrants is available at ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert Communications Manager DISTRIBUTION: HEX Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 26.5.2003, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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