ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 24 Aug 2000 at 12.00 EET 1(2) ALMA MEDIA LAUNCHES ADSL CONNECTION AND BROADBAND CONTENT ON INTERNET Alma Media will offer a residential broadband access based on ADSL technology in Finland in co-operation with data operator KPNQwest and hardware supplier Cisco. The connection will be used to distribute content to consumers. A pilot project will be launched this autumn and full-scale marketing will start in the beginning of 2001. KPNQwest and Cisco regard Finland as an interesting pioneer market for consumer broadband services. The country’s highly developed legislation and high degree of Internet and mobile phone penetration provide a solid foundation for convergence of media and telecommunications. Alma Media is the leading producer of new-media content in Finland and its digital services attract the most users. The number of active users in August exceeded 700 000. Broadband access broadens MTV3’s scope of services With the new broadband connections, Alma Media will be able to distribute its digital media on all existing bandwidths. The narrowest bandwidth is used by the Port Alma mobile portal, while MTV3’s Internet connection uses the next bandwidth. ADSL uses a broader bandwidth than conventional Internet connections. The broadest bandwidth will be used by the digital TV transmissions, scheduled to start in August 2001. The ADSL connection will increase the scope of services offered by MTV3i, which has been enthusiastically received in the market. Broadband connections will give households access to interactive television, made possible by digital technology, the first example of which will be MTV3’s broadband content. Consumers and private individuals will be able to use the ADSL (Asynchronic Digital Subscriber Line) connection for both e-services and for entertainment. The 2 Mbit/s connection will always be open, offering individual subscribers unlimited use for a fixed monthly charge. Among its many features, the connection will enable transmission of full-scale video pictures. Alma Media’s ADSL service will initially cover most of the Helsinki metropolitan area and will then be extended according to demand. There are currently a few thousand ADSL connections in Finland, most of which are used by companies. Alma Media will start supplying residential broadband access to subscribers in the Helsinki metropolitan area in early autumn this year. Full-scale marketing will begin early next year, which is when an amendment to the Telemarketing Act is expected to allow common use of local telephone companies' copper wire cables. Direct contact with customers 2(2) Alma Media will take responsibility for marketing, customer contacts and relations with other content producers. Operation of the ASDL connections and their investments will be the responsibility of KPNQwest, which already has an operative ADSL network in Helsinki and global networks. Cisco will supply the equipment necessary to convert the existing copper telephone cables to broadband connections. Negotiations are in progress with other suppliers. The subscriber charge for the new connection will be lower than the current market prices. The concept includes direct subscriber contact and invoicing, as well as added-value services such as Internet and video conferences. Alma Media’s broadband network will be open to third parties, other service providers and content producers. Consumer connections will contain the material familiar to viewers of MTV3 and the recently launched TVTV! cable channel as well as content produced exclusively for broadband distribution. KPNQwest will market the ASDL connection to corporate customers, who will be offered an optional content package that could include Alma Media’s Business Information products. The new ADSL technology will create numerous new organizations based on broadband communication. Their structures will develop globally, reflecting both demographic and psychographic factors, constituting a new and interesting group of audiences for advertisers. Cisco Systems is the world’s leading supplier of Internet systems. Most Internet traffic worldwide is transmitted via Cisco systems. KPNQwest, a leading pan-European provider of Internet-based data transfer services, operates its own Eurorings fibre-optic network. Further information on the new Internet connection and other opportunities offered by ADSL technology will be given to the media at a press conference today at the Marina Congress Center in Katajanokka, Helsinki. Speaking on the subject will be Mr Matti Packalén, President and CEO of Alma Media, Mr Jack McMaster, President and CEO of KPNQwest, and Mr Jari Mäkijärvi, President of Cisco Systems Finland. There will be a live webcast of the conference at the following Internet addresses:, and, starting at 14.00 EET. Further information: Mr Matti Kotisaari, Development Manager, Alma Media Corporation, +358-3-266 6822 or +358-50-65 531 Mr Raimo Mäkelä, Senior Vice President, New Media, Alma Media Corporation, +358-9-507 8718 or +358-40-546 1892 Mr Marko Kulmala, Director, MTV Oy, +358-9-1500 683, or +358-40-749 0000 ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert Communications Manager
  • Date: 24.8.2000, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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