ALMA MEDIA STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 20 Dec. 2001,at 16.00 ALMA MEDIA’S SUBTV GRANTED NATIONAL TV OPERATING LICENCE The Council of State (the Finnish Government) has today granted a national digital operating licence to SubTV Oy. The application for the licence was made by the City-TV Oy companies, holders of a regional digital TV operating licence. The new licence still requires the companies to continue regional broadcasting and the structure of the holding company will remain unchanged. The regional digital television operating licenses granted to City-TV Oy Helsinki (now called SubTV Oy), City-TV Oy Turku, City-TV Oy Pirkanmaa and City-TV Oy Suomi have now been combined into a single national operating licence awarded to SubTV Oy. This licence entitles the company to engage in digital television broadcasting throughout the country, as well as regional programming and sales of regional advertising. Through a series of mutual transactions, all the City-TV Oy owners now become owners of SubTV Oy, which holds the national operating licence. Following these transactions MTV Oy owns 64.51 % of SubTV Oy, followed by Suomen Messut Oy (11.5 %), West Capital Oy (7.5 %) and Tampereen Tietoverkko (6.19 %). This arrangement will enable the parties to operate more efficiently as well as making Subtv a must-carry in the cable channel networks; under the must-carry obligation, these networks are required to carry all national television channels. The new operating licence will not affect Subtv’s programme profile. Subtv begins digital broadcasting of its prime time programmes on 21 December 2001. The cable and digital channel Subtv will start joint broadcasting on cable and digital channels (simulcast) on 21 December 2001. Subtv’s digital channel will show the cable channel’s prime time programmes from mid-evening until midnight. Subtv reaches about 2.2 million viewers in Finland. It attracts over 800,000 viewers weekly and 300,000 viewers daily. Subtv is recognized by about 70 % of 15-34 year-olds. One-quarter of this age group watch the channel every week. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert, Communications Manager DISTRIBUTION HEX Helsinki Exchanges, Principal Media
  • Date: 20.12.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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