Alma Mediapartners strengthens its offering of automotive retail software through an acquisition

Alma Media Corporation   Press Release                                                        19 October 2015, at 10:00 (EET)


Alma Mediapartners Oy, a subsidiary of Alma Media, acquired the software company Autosofta from its founders in order to complement Alma’s digital business in the automotive retail industry. The annual revenue of Autosofta is approx. EUR 0.5 million. The parties have agreed not to publish the price of the acquisition.

Autosofta’s software is particularly intended for the management of customer relationships, replacement car stocks and daily routine tasks at small and medium-sized automotive retailers.

The acquisition makes the cars services unit of Alma Mediapartners one of the largest system suppliers in the Finnish automotive industry, and the largest supplier of web-based systems. The company has approx. 200 separate car shops as its customers. In 2014, Alma Mediapartners acquired full ownership of Alkali Oy, an automotive application company that targets its software products primarily at large automotive retailers.
“We want to provide retailers in the automotive field with the best services for managing digitalised sales, whether those services are media or tools. Autosofta will be an important part of our service portfolio in this field,” Riikka Wulff, Managing Director of Alma Mediapartners Oy says.

“Alma Mediapartners knows the automotive industry and the industry applications inside out, which is why I know we can make Autosofta even stronger by becoming part of something bigger,” Jani Räihä, Managing Director of Autosofta Oy comments. 

For more information, please contact:
Riikka Wulff, Managing Director of Alma Mediapartners Oy, tel. +358 10 665 3519.  

  • Date: 19.10.2015, 10:00
  • News type: Press release

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