ACQUIRES LEHDENTEKIJÄT CUSTOMER MAGAZINE GROUP ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 17.12.2002 at 11.00. a.m. ALMA MEDIA’S BUSINESS INFORMATION GROUP ACQUIRES LEHDENTEKIJÄT CUSTOMER MAGAZINE GROUP Business Information Group (BIG), the Alma Media division specializing in the production and distribution of financial and business information, has signed a letter of intent with the owners of Suomen Lehdentekijät –ryhmä Oy under which BIG will raise its holding in the Lehdentekijät group from today’s 25 % to 100 % in January 2003. Lehdentekijät group’s key employees will continue to work for the company. The Lehdentekijät group’s parent company is Suomen Lehdentekijät –ryhmä Oy. This company has two wholly owned subsidiaries, Helsingin Lehdentekijät Oy and Suomen Lehtistudio Oy, which specialize in customer and corporate magazines and the production of information for investors. The group has more than 30 employees and net sales this year of approximately EUR 7 million. Established in 1988, the company is a leading publisher of customer magazines in Finland. The Lehdentekijät group’s customer base is built around a core of roughly 30 major accounts for whom the group produces some 40 regularly published magazines. More than half of its customers are public limited corporations and other national and international companies. The Lehdentekijät group also serves public sector institutions and associations. By acquiring the Lehdentekijät group BIG will expand its operations in its core business, according to BIG’s President Juha Blomster. The customer magazine market in Finland has shown annual growth of 10-15 % on average in recent years. "Customers are looking increasingly for total marketing communications solutions. Today these naturally include Internet communications as well as products profiled specifically for targeted groups. Combining the Lehdentekijät group’s expertise with BIG’s knowhow in online and multimedia communications will enable us to offer our customers a more diverse range of solutions for today’s marketing communications needs," Blomster stated. Kimmo Kallonen, President of Lehdentekijät group, believes that the agreement will strengthen Lehdentekijät’s position in the customer magazine market. "Customer magazines are taking a growing share of corporate marketing communications expenditure throughout Europe. At the same time companies are setting ever higher demands on their quality. Closer collaboration with other business units of Alma Media’s BIG division will give us and our customers clear added value." Business Information Group (BIG) is the Alma Media division specializing in producing and distributing financial and business information. BIG distributes this information through the printed press, television, the Internet and mobile terminal devices. BIG’s vision is to retain its position as Finland’s leading producer of business information independent of time and place. Its most important products are Kauppalehti, Kauppalehti Optio, MTV3’s Talousuutiset (Business News) and Kauppalehti Online. The division also includes Balance Consulting Oy, Baltic News Service, Starfunds Finland Oy (, and an associated company Efektor Oy (51 %). Distribution: Principal media Copy: HEX Helsinki Exchanges Further information: Juha Blomster, President, Alma Media/BIG, tel. +358-9-507 7530
  • Date: 17.12.2002, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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