TALENTUM OYJ ALMA MEDIA CORP. PRESS RELEASE 16.10.2001, at 11.00 am TALENTUM MEDIA ACQUIRES ALPRINT’S PREMEDIA BUSINESS Alma Media Group’s printing division Alprint Oy and Talentum Media’s wholly owned subsidiary Offset-Kopio Oy, have agreed that Offset- Kopio Oy will take over Alprint’s premedia operations (Alprint Prepress) on November 1, 2001. This transaction will have no significant impact on the performance of either party this year. In an agreement reached by Talentum Media and Alprint, Alprint’s premedia operations (Alprint Prepress) in Helsinki and Hyvinkää will be merged with Talentum’s wholly owned subsidiary OffsetKopio Oy. This business transaction will have no material impact on the performance of either party during the current year. Alprint Prepress has so far provided prepress services only to Alma Media’s printing plants. The two units have 36 employees and aggregate net sales in excess of MFIM 16. Talentum Media’s subsidiary Offset-Kopio Oy is a leading premedia company in Finland with 53 employees and net sales in 2000 of MFIM 28.5. According to Ms Mervi Riikonen, executive vice president of Talentum Media, the transfer of operations will add another large customer to Offset-Kopio’s portfolio as well as broadening its expertise and enhancing its ability to serve its existing customers more effectively. Heikki Salonen, president of Alprint Oy, commented that the divestment will also be of considerable benefit to Alprint and its customers. Concentrating premedia operations in a single, larger unit will prevent overlapping investments in the future and ensure high- quality prepress services for all customers. Further information: Executive Vice President Mervi Riikonen, Talentum Media Oy, tel. +358 (0)9 1488 0203
  • Date: 16.10.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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