ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE BULLETIN 16 MAY 2000, 11.00 1/2 ALMA MEDIA BUYS INTO NEW MEDIA CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES Alma Media and Webcasters Oy, a subsidiary of Broadcasters Oy, have decided to establish a new company called Intervisio Oy specialising in new-media content production. Alma Media will own 34 % of Intervisio. Alma Media has also acquired a 5 % holding in Codeonline Oy, a company developing interactive software for wireline and wireless mobile networks. Intervisio’s business concept is to produce targeted content for the Internet and mobile communications. Alma Media Interactive Oy owns 34 % of Intervisio and Webcasters Oy 66 %. Alma Media also has the option to increase its holding at the end of the year. These partnership projects with the best content producers in the field support Alma Media’s goal of maintaining its lead as Finland’s foremost new media content provider. Intervision’s content projects will be turned into brands that can be used in the Group’s multimedia environment. Intervisio focuses on vertical, rather than horizontal, portals specialised in specific fields of interest and serving carefully defined target groups. Its first content projects relate to computer games, food, travel and personalised on-line services. The company’s aim in its first year of operation is to create at least five strong on-line communities in Finland that are leaders in their target groups. Some of these will also have international potential. The company will also utilise chargeable mobile communication services and recruit users of vertical portals for Alma Media’s AHAA customer database. Intervisio’s revenues will be derived from sponsorship and advertising, commissions on e-mail sales and mobile service charges. Codeonline develops software that enables interactive communication between service providers and users and in services offered via wireline and mobile networks. The technology can be used, for example, to monitor user behaviour in banner advertising, in interactive games and in feedback applications. The software is also ideally suitable for training purposes and the development of services that offer genuine interactive communication between the user and service provider. These acquisitions support Alma Media’s strategy to develop its on- line and mobile services. The Group announced similar acquisitions of minority holdings in Meteori Books Oy, Pro Solutions Oy and Salient Still Inc. earlier this month. Further information: Mikko Räisänen, Director, + 358 9 507 7501 or +358 40 704 0296, or Raimo Mäkilä, President, +358 9 507 8718 or + 358 40 546 1892 ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert Communications Manager DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 16.5.2000, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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