ALMA MEDIA PRESS RELEASE 16 January 2001 1 (2)

MTV3 Broadband Access:

FINLAND’S FASTEST PATH TO BROADBAND CONTENT NOW AVAILABLE Alma Media has now launched its residential broadband access based on ASDL technology in Finland in co-operation with the major European data operator KPNQwest. MTV3 Broadband access raises data transfer capacity via the Internet to the level necessary for transmitting and receiving real-time video content and high- quality full-sized TV pictures. The MTV3 Broadband connection price also includes a news and current affairs service as well as programmes of interest on demand to specific groups. MTV3 Broadband marks the next step in the development and expansion of MTV3’s Internet connection. ADSL access broadens the choice of digital content channels offered by Alma Media to cover the entire range of distribution channels from Port Alma mobile service to digital TV. Alma Media is responsible for the connection’s marketing, customer contacts and relations with other content producers. Alma Media at the frontline of the information society "Alma Media’s introduction of broadband Internet access in Finland strengthens its role as an active player in the convergence of the media and telecommunications," stated Vice President Mikko Räisänen of Alma Media. The cost of broadband connections truly able to transmit moving pictures has fallen considerably without financial support from the state. "Alma Media’s business operations comprise both sales of content services and a share of the sales of consumer connections," he said. Consumer content will initially consist of MTV3’s news and current affairs programmes, an on-demand games programme called Tilt, the Jyrki magazine for young people, and all televised Hockey Night matches. According to Mr Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Vice President of Content at Alma Media, familiar brands act as anchors when seeking information and entertainment but consumers also have the need to create both a common and a personal media. "Content must always have a personal relevance for the user," Aalto-Setälä stated. Alma Media’s content offering will be extended during the spring to include chargeable services. Fixed-price connection, unlimited use MTV3 Broadband is a two megabyte (2M/256k) connection offering unlimited access for a fixed monthly fee. The service will initially cover the main suburbs of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and will then be extended according to demand. The connection fee is FIM 1250, the monthly fee is FIM 549 and the cost of the terminal device (Cisco 678) FIM 2490. For further information, visit The research company Forrester forecasts that there will be 39 000 broadband residences in Finland by the end of this year. This figure is expected to more than quadruple by 2003 to some 168 000 households. An amendment to the Telecommunications Market Act at the beginning of 2001 made it possible for local telephone companies to share the use of existing copper cables. Teleoperators and network operators are currently marketing various types of ADSL and cable network connections. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a digital subscriber line in which the total transmission capacity of the copper cable is used asymmetrically: the bandwidth is wider towards the subscriber than from the subscriber to the network. This technology maximizes the ability of the connection to transmit broadband content to subscribers. Further information Mikko Räisänen, Vice President, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 7501, Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Vice President, Content, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 8732 or +358 40 543 7444, and Product Manager Esko Toivakka, Alma Media Interactive Oy, +358 40 828 4050.
  • Date: 16.1.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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