ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 15 December 1999 ESTATE AGENT SERVICES ADOPT THE INTERNET Alma Media’s DIME network service, launched in 1996 as an electronic marketplace for residential and other properties, has now been expanded into a second-generation Internet service. The package, introduced today to real estate agents, includes price monitoring, legal and administrative services, as well as virtual-reality presentations of new properties. The DIME electronic property marketplace has emerged as the most popular Internet service for housing and other properties in Finland this year. More than 9000 Internet users visit the DIME pages every week. The DIME database contains details on 460 estate agents and over 11,000 sites, representing two-thirds of all the residential properties on sale in Finland. Alma Media and Komarket FM Oy (formerly Suomen Datasoft Oy) have collaborated to add a national price monitoring service to DIME. The service collates the purchase prices of residential units from all over the country, allowing monitoring of price trends in almost real time. Other partners in the project include the country’s major real estate agents: Huoneistokeskus, OP- kiinteistökeskus, PSW Kiinteistömaailma, SKV and the Union of Finnish Real Estate Agencies. Alma Media has also worked with Palo, Lehtinen & Tolvanen, a firm of legal advisers, to create an Internet-based legal service for housing and real estate purchasing. Legislation governing the buying and selling of property is changing continuously and can give rise to a variety of problems. This service, which is updated regularly, will form a channel for property business professionals with the aim of preventing problems arising at the time of purchase. Public authorities provide an enormous number of documents related to buying and selling property such as title deeds, and abstracts of mortgages and encumbrance. Alma Media, together with the National Land Survey of Finland and the Ministry of Justice, has produced an easy-to-use Internet service enabling real estate agents, for example, to obtain the necessary documents on their own PCs instead of requesting them from official sources as before. This service, it is believed, will rapidly be adopted by estate agents and banks. It is forecast that by 2003 roughly two-thirds of all the sites offered by the DIME pages will be presented in 3-D virtual reality. The technology already exists. Examples include a model developed in cooperation with Cyber Design, part of the CCC group, which shows in detail an entire new street of apartment buildings, Atlaskuja in Tampere,. One of these apartments has been further modelled to allow website visitors to move inside in virtual reality even though the apartments are not yet completed. The model, which employs VRML technology, has been packed so efficiently that these virtual-reality presentations can be accessed using a conventional modem connection. The latest browser versions display these models without the need to install a separate shareware software for the purpose. Previously, virtual models have required extremely fast data transfer connections. The Atlaskuja site and virtual model can been accessed at Further information: Petri Pekki DIME tel. +358- 3-2666 369 Erkki Honkanen Komartek tel. +358-3-272 2566 Marianne Palo PLT-laki tel. +358-9-2709 5303 Erkki Kaila Cyber Design tel. +358-16-3210 458 Distribution: Principal Media For information: Helsinki Exchanges
  • Date: 15.12.1999, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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