ALPRESS ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 12 JUNE 2002, 10.00 AM NEW BUSINESS AREA, POHJOISET LEHDET, ESTABLISHED UNDER ALPRESS The Alma Media newspapers published in northern Finland have been formed into a new business area called Pohjoiset lehdet (Northern Papers) within Alpress, Alma Media’s newspaper publishing division. The new business area comprises the three daily newspapers Kainuun Sanomat, Lapin Kansa and Pohjolan Sanomat together with their printing plants. All the papers will continue to operate as independent business units. The new business area has been set up to concentrate resources and expertise in order to emphasize the special features of the newspapers more effectively than hitherto. Mr Juha Ruotsalainen has been appointed to head the Pohjoiset lehdet business area and he will be located in Rovaniemi. He also continues as Managing Director of Kainuun Sanomat Oy. At the same time he has been appointed Managing Director of Lapin Kansa Oy with effect from 1 August 2002 when Mr Heikki Ollila, who currently holds this position, takes up partial retirement at his own request. Mr Ollila will continue to hold responsibility for real estate development in the company and for releasing capital in Alma Media’s Northern Finland region. Mr Martti Nikkanen continues as Managing Director of Pohjolan Sanomat Oy. Mr Matti Piirainen, Executive Editor-in-Chief, has been named Editor-in-Chief of Kainuun Sanomat with financial responsibility for the newspaper. The business conditions governing Alpress’s northern Finland newspapers and their future demands are very similar, says Mr Hannu Olkinuora, President of Alpress Oy. Each of the three titles is a top-ranking medium in its circulation area. In order to raise the profitability and secure the long-term independence of these newspapers, their special features must also be taken into account in their administration. öAlpress’s skill centres in marketing, printing and distribution have already raised the operational efficiency of the newspapers. Unifying their financial management and tightening cooperation between them now allows us to develop their regional content and local marketing in the manner most effective for their individual needs,ö Hannu Olkinuora states. Further information Hannu Olkinuora, President, Alpress Oy, tel. +358 3 266 6450 Ahti Martikainen, Vice President, Corporate Communications and IR, Alma Media Corporation, tel. +358 9 507 8514 Photos toalpress (Juha Ruotsalainen) toboard (Hannu Olkinuora) DISTRIBUTION Principal Media, Helsingin Pörssi
  • Date: 12.6.2002, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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