ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCH. RELEASE 11 OCTOBER 2001, 3.45 PM ALMA MEDIA TRANSFERS ITS TECHNOLOGY SHARES TO PCA INFOCOM Alma Media has transferred its ownwership in infocom companies to PCA Infocom Finance Oy. The current value of these assets is slighly over MFIM 38. At the same time Alma Media will become a shareholder in PCA Infocom Finance Oy with a holding giving slightly less than 20 % of the voting rights. This transaction enables Alma Media to substantially distribute its venture capital exposure while maintaining the opportunity to benefit from growth in the value of its investments. The transaction will not at this stage affect Alma Media’s financial performance. Alma Media is a diversified mass media company focusing on newspaper publishing and printing, broadcasting, the production and distribution of business information, and new media ventures. With respect to the latter, Alma Media has made direct investments in a number of infocom (content production and communications) companies over the past two years to support its core business. PCA Infocom Finance Oy is an investment and venture capital company focusing on infocom companies. It is owned by its operative management as well as private and institutional investors. Alma Media Corporation and PCA Infocom Finance Oy have agreed that Alma Media will transfer its holdings in ten technology companies to a separate company to be merged with PCA Infocom Finance Oy. These Alma Media investments have a current value of MFIM 38.5. The largest investments are in Almare Systems Oy, Codeonline Oy, Profium Oy, Pro Wellness Oy and Cee.TV AS. Established in 1998, PCA Infocom Finance Oy is a development and venture capital company specializing in owning growth infocom companies. Besides managing its financial investments, PCA Infocom Finance Oy also participates actively in developing the companies it owns. Alma Media will be represented on the board of directors of PCA Infocom Finance Oy by Mr Osmo Koskisto, Vice President, IPR and Venture Capital. The transaction will have no impact on Alma Media’s financial performance this year. Alma Media is spreading the risk exposure of its technology investments by moving them to a company that specializes in investment management, said Mr Koskisto, since this is not part of Alma Media’s core business. PCA Infocom’s operating model offers an excellent means of doing this, he continued. öIn the future will play an active role in developing our investments and the decisions that affect them. This will ensure we safeguard our position and also benefit from an eventual increase in their value.ö ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Corporate Communications and IR Further information: Osmo Koskisto, Vice President, IPR and Venture Capital, Alma Media Corporation, tel. +358 9 507 8754 President Simo Poikola, PCA Infocom Finance Oy tel. +358 9 61 33 45 43 Distribution: HEX Helsinki Exchanges, Principal Media
  • Date: 11.10.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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