ALMA MEDIA STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 10 MAY 2001, 10.00 AM 1 (2) ALMA MEDIA’S TVTV! AND CITYTV MERGED INTO SINGLE ENTITY The production and marketing operations of the cable television channel TVTV! and of Citytv, which has received a digital television operating licence, will be merged to form a new entity from 1 August 2001. This will result in a package of two channels: an analogue channel available only via cable networks, and a new digital channel. The two channels will share the same programmes, thus forming a new cross-media content concept. Full interaction and digital television services will only be available in the digital television channel, however, which has its own Supertext TV and multimedia format for round-the-clock broadcasting of news and other items. Mr Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Alma Media’s Vice President, Content, has been appointed President of City-TV Oy with responsibility for the content of both channels. The Programme Manager for the channels will be Ms Maaretta Tukiainen, who joins the company from Katso (TV magazine). The new content concept and the programme maps for the channels will be published at the end of June. Digital television one content distribution channel Digital television will gradually replace analogue television, although at the moment it is difficult to predict how sales of digital TV receivers will develop. "Alma Media is prepared for slow growth in digital TV receivers. As a media group we view digital television as a new distribution channel," states Mikko Räisänen. "The technology will offer consumers and advertisers a wealth of new and useful items but more important still will be the content and profile of the new digital channels. Digital TV will also place interactive services at people’s fingertips." Current TV operating licence fee under review The growing adoption of broadband access is likewise providing new channels of distribution for interactive and other TV services. The operating licence fee currently levied on commercial television operators in Finland is currently being reviewed by a parliamentary working group headed by Jouni Backman MP. Their proposal is likely to be included in the proposed Communications Market Bill to be placed before parliament in the autumn. "There are no longer any grounds to support the TV operating licence fee in today’s conditions," states Alma Media Corporation’s President and CEO Matti Packalén. The same TV and other services can also be transmitted via channels that are unencumbered by the fee. "Hence, there is every reason to abolish the TV operating licence fee from the beginning of 2002," Mr Packalén demands. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Terhi Lambert Communications Manager 2 (2) Further information: Mikko Räisänen, Vice President, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 7501 and Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Vice President, Content, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 8732
  • Date: 10.5.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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