Proposal to discontinue analogue TV transmissions on 31 August 2007

ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 8.12.2003, 16.00 PROPOSAL TO DISCONTINUE ANALOGUE TV TRANSMISSIONS ON 31 AUGUST 2007 A parliamentary working committee chaired by Mr Seppo Niemelä proposes in its report to the Ministry of Transport and Communications that analogue terrestrial television transmissions be terminated on 31 August 2007. MTV Oy currently transmits its TV signals in both digital and analogue formats. A parliamentary working committee chaired by Mr Seppo Niemelä has today submitted its report on the termination of analogue television broadcasting in Finland. Under the proposal television broadcasting in Finland will be exclusively digital from 1 September 2007. The Council of State (the Finnish government) is due to consider the committee’s proposal in January-February 2004. Should the Council of State approve the committee’s proposal, the termination of analogue broadcasts would mean a reduction of almost EUR 10 million in MTV’s annual transmission costs. Under current legislation no operating licence fee is charged on digital television broadcasting; the fee currently paid by MTV amounts to approximately EUR 17 million a year. The size of the fee is being incrementally reduced as digital set-top boxes become more prevalent in Finnish households. By the end of 2003 roughly 200,000 digiboxes are forecast to be in use, corresponding to 10% of all households. MTV has decided to broaden the coverage of its terrestrial digital transmissions with 13 new transmission stations by August 2004, thus reaching 94% of the Finnish population. MTV is further committed to extending its terrestrial digital transmission network to cover 99.9% of the population during 2005. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Communications and IR Distribution: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 8.12.2003, 15:59
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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