ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCH. RELEASE 8 MAY 2001, 10.00 AM 1/2 SALONEN PRESIDENT OF ALPRINT, TAKALA TAKES GROUP SERVICES AND PROPERTIES Mr Heikki Salonen has been appointed President of Alprint Oy. Mr Salonen will also be head of the Rahola heatset unit in Tampere. The Rahola unit’s management resources have been strengthened. Mr Reijo Kuosmanen, Production Director of Alpress’s newspaper printing plants, will move to Rahola. Mr Risto Takala, Executive Vice President of Alma Media, will take responsibility for Alma Media Corporation’s Group Services and for development of the company’s real estate assets. Alprint began restructuring its operations in 1998 and the reorganization was essentially completed in 2000. The most important changes were the transfer of Alma Media’s newspaper printing plants from Alprint to the Alma Media’s newspaper publishing division Alpress Oy, together with the concentration of the Group’s magazine printing operations at the Rahola printing plant in Tampere. The latter decision also meant the closure of Alprint’s magazine printing plants in Vantaa and Pori, the renewal of the printing presses and their transfer to the expanded printing plant at Rahola in Tampere. The Rahola heatset unit, with over 300 employees, now comprises 6 magazine rotation presses and two sheet printing presses. This year the Rahola unit will contribute about two-thirds of Alprint’s total net sales, almost FIM 500 million. The following appointments have been made with immediate effect to accelerate the Rahola unit’s positive development and to streamline the Alprint organization. Mr Heikki Salonen, Executive Vice President of Alprint Oy, has been named President of Alprint Oy and General Manager of the Rahola unit. His previous positions include President of Alprint Newspaper Printing Group Ltd. The management resources at Alprint’s Rahola unit have been strengthened with the addition of the Group’s most experienced printing technology experts. Mr Reijo Kuosmanen, Production Director of the Alpress newspaper printing plants, now joins the Rahola unit. Mr Juha Turunen continues as Production Director at the Rahola unit. Mr Salonen reports to Mr Matti Packalén, President and CEO of Alma Media Corporation. Salonen also remains responsible for material purchases for Alma Media’s printing presses. Mr Markku Antikainen, General Manager of the Rahola unit, moves to Alpress Oy. Mr Risto Takala, Executive Vice President of Alma Media Corporation, takes responsibility for Group Services and for development of the Group’s real estate assets. Group Services comprises the Technical Services unit which is responsible for group-wide information technology, purchasing and property management, as well as the Group’s Legal Department. Technical Services was previously the responsibility of Mr Jaakko Nieminen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, while the Legal Department fell within the responsibility of Ms Ritva Sallinen, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration. Alma Media has systematically worked to release capital from its properties for development of its core businesses. The main real estate assets are in Pasila, Kaivoksela (Vantaa) and Sarankulma (Tampere). These appointments strengthen Alprint’s organization and management system, according to CEO Matti Packalén. "We have put the Group’s most experienced printing professionals in the unit’s management team. Together, they bring decades of experience in managing large units, working closely with major publishing companies, and ramping up investments. Our aim is to turn the Rahola unit into one of Finland’s leading printing companies in terms of both profitability and customer satisfaction." Heikki Salonen, Alprint Oy’s President, states that the Rahola unit’s strengths are its extremely versatile printing machinery and professional employees. Together, these will enable Rahola to offer flexible service for the needs of both large and small publishers and customers of promotional products. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Distribution: HEX Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 8.5.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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