ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCH. RELEASE 7.11.2000, 8.30 am (EET)1(20) INTERIM REPORT JANUARY-SEPTEMBER 2000 Alma Media’s net sales between January and September totalled MFIM 2 080 (MFIM 2 112 in 1999) and the operating profit was MFIM 67 (120). Significant reasons for the decrease in operating profit were the investments in the New Media business group, Alprint’s restructuring costs, the investment in the new cable channel, and MTV3 Channel’s reduced advertising revenue. The Group’s operating profit for the fourth quarter and for the full year will be clearly lower than last year’s level mainly relating to MTV. KEY FIGURES MFIM January-September 1-12 2000 1999 1999 Net sales 2 080 2 112 2 911 Operating profit 67 120 188 -as of net sales (%) 3.2 5.7 6.5 Profit before extraordinary items (%) 60 109 173 -as of net sales 2.9 5.2 5.9 Equity ratio (%) 50 51 52 Gearing (%) 57 54 40 Capital expenditure on fixed assets 168 177 253 Full-time personnel on average 3 150 3 138 3 108 Earnings per share (FIM) (diluted) 2.71 5.03 7.15 Earnings per share (basic)(FIM)2.76 MEUR January-September 1-12 2000 1999 1999 Net sales 350 355 490 Operating profit 11 20 32 Profit before extraordinary items 10 18 29 Capital expenditure on fixed assets 28 30 43 Earnings per share (EUR) (diluted) 0.46 0.85 1.20 Earnings per share (basic)(EUR)0.46 Alma Media Group Alma Media is a mass media group. Its core businesses are newspaper publishing, television and radio broadcasting, the production and distribution of business information, Internet- based information and entertainment services, and printing. Alma Media’s strategy is to own and manage its customer relationships in all its content distribution channels. At the beginning of September Alma Media formed its business information activities into a separate business group called Business Information Group (BIG). BIG consists primarily of Kauppa lehti’s products and business operations. The comparable 1999 figures for Alpress have been amended to correspond with the 2(20) new business group organisation that came into effect on 1 September 2000. The printing operations of Kainuun Sanomat Oy and Pohjolan Sanomat Oy were included under Alpress in 1999 and under Alprint since the beginning of 2000. The net sales and operating result of the New Media business group are not derived from the legal structure of the organisation; New Media’s figures also include Alpress’s on-line publications and BIG’s Internet services. Overlaps between Alpress, BIG and New Media are eliminated under group entries. Overview of operations between January and September Alpress Alpress continued to develop well. Advertisement revenue increased 6 % and circulation revenue 2 %. Kauppalehti was separated from this business group at the start of September and formed into the Business Information Group. Alma Media’s newspaper printing operations will be included under Alpress from the beginning of 2001. Inclusion of newspaper printing operations will not materially affect to Alpress newspapers profitability. Broadcasting MTV’s share of total viewing time was 40 % (42 %) and its share of total television advertising in Finland was 76 %(84 %). The associated company TV4 AB in Sweden showed further good performance. Radio Nova’s net sales and result developed positively during the summer months. MTV Oy started up the cable channel TVTV! in February. This channel has distribution contracts with almost all cable television companies in Finland. MTV3 Channel’s net sales were MFIM 33 lower than in the equivalent period last year. Measures have been started to streamline its cost structure. Business Information Group (BIG) The production and distribution of business information is one of the fastest growing segments of the media business. The Business Information Group started operating in September. In the same month BIG launched a new cross-media product called Saldo, a weekly newspaper, television programme and Internet service for private investors. In a second significant launch, BIG introduced an Internet service for monitoring mutual funds. During the period BIG also acquired Balance Consulting Oy, a company specialising in analysing companies. New Media This business group’s net sales rose 194 % to MFIM 53. The number of registered users of Alma Media’s Internet services exceed 850 000 in October. Alma Media launched its own operator- independent mobile portal in May. In September Alma Media announced a project to market broadband Internet access using ADSL technology. Alma Media, KPNQwest and Cisco will begin offering these broadband connections to private individuals from the beginning of 2001. 3(20) Alprint In the future, Alprint focuses on printing A4 heatset products and on digital asset management. Heatset printing was concentrated in a single expanded printing unit during the period and two heatset printing plants were closed. Alma Media also closed the Kemi newspaper printing plant and transferred printing of the Pohjolan Sanomat newspaper to the Rovaniemi printing plant. In June Alprint cancelled its newspaper printing press investment at the Vantaa printing plant and decided to discontinue production of hybrid newspapers. The company has also decided to reorganise its sheet printing activities. Owing to these measures Alprint will record a loss for the full year but its operations will be profitable from the start of the new year. Performance between July and September The accrual of Alma Media’s net sales and profits during the year is subject to considerable seasonal fluctuation owing to the nature of the media business. In this respect the second and fourth quarters are clearly more significant than the first and third quarters. During the summer months, revenues from newspaper advertisements and television advertising time can total less than half of the revenues received during the best months. Alma Media recorded consolidated net sales between July and September of MFIM 632 (July-September 1999: MFIM 638)and an operating loss of MFIM -6 Mmk (23). Alpress, New Media and BIG raised comparable net sales while the comparable net sales of Alprint and Broadcasting declined. Alpress’s operating profit decreased slightly because the equivalent period last year included the Kemi and Kajaani printing operations. BIG’s operating profit declined somewhat as a result of the costs of its new Saldo cross-media service. Broadcasting’s net sales were MFIM 8 million lower than in the same period last year and its profitability was adversely affected by further investments totalling approx. MFIM 9 in the new cable channel. Alprint’s result was burdened by restructuring costs. New Media’s operating margin improved but this business unit reported an operating loss of MFIM –15 owing to increased net sales and a heavy increase in marketing expenditure. Other income totalled MFIM 20 (15) of the Group’s operating result and its share of associated companies’ results was MFIM 2 (-8). NET SALES BY BUSINESS GROUP (MFIM) July-September 1-12 2000 1999 % 1999 Alpress*) 260 258 1 1 069 BIG 51 47 9 232 Broadcasting 195 203 -4 1 064 New Media**) 17 5 240 29 Alprint 186 186 - 786 Parent company 22 15 47 63 Intragroup net sales -99 -76 30 -332 Total 632 638 -1 2 911 4(20) OPERATING PROFIT/LOSS BY BUSINESS GROUP (MFIM) July-September 1-12 2000 1999 % 1999 Alpress*) 33 35 -6 123 BIG 7 8 -13 49 Broadcasting -28 -9 -211 48 New Media**) -15 -7 -114 -28 Alprint -1 0 - 0 Parent company -5 -5 - -9 Group entries 3 1 - 5 Total -6 23 -126 188 (* The Business Information Group (BIG) started operating on 1 September 2000. The Alpress and BIG figures in the comparable periods have been adjusted for the current corporate structure.) (** New Media’s net sales and results of operations are not derived from the legal structure of the organisation. Overlaps between Alpress, BIG and New Media are eliminated under Group entries.) Performance between January and September NET SALES BY BUSINESS GROUP (MFIM) January-September 1-12 2000 1999 % 1999 Alpress*) 793 788 1 1 069 BIG 179 161 11 232 Broadcasting 718 751 -4 1 064 New Media**) 53 18 194 29 Alprint 576 587 -2 786 Parent company 68 47 45 63 Intragroup net sales -307 -240 28 -332 Total 2 080 2 112 -2 2 911 OPERATING PROFIT/LOSS BY BUSINESS GROUP (MFIM) January-September 1-12 2000 1999 % 1999 Alpress*) 96 95 1 123 BIG 37 31 19 49 Broadcasting -8 13 -161 48 New Media**) -36 -18 -100 -28 Alprint -14 4 -450 0 Parent company -17 -7 143 -9 Group entries 9 2 350 5 Total 67 120 -44 188 Consolidated net sales between January and September totalled MFIM 2 080 (2 112). Net sales rose 1 % in Alpress, 11 % in BIG, and 194 % in New Media. Net sales decreased 4 % in Broadcasting and 2 % in Alprint. The main reasons for the decrease in net sales were, respectively, a 7 % decline in sales of advertising time by MTV and 5(20) a temporary reduction in sales of heatset products resulting from restructuring in Alprint. The Group reported an operating profit of MFIM 67 (120) for the first nine months of the year. Alpress’s operating profit was slightly better than one year earlier, while BIG’s operating profit showed clear growth. Broadcasting’s result of operations declined by MFIM 21 owing to a reduction in sales of advertising time and to higher investment expenditure. New Media’s operating margin improved. Its costs were increased by a sharp rise in marketing expenditure on items including the new Port Alma mobile portal opened in May, the free Internet connection MTV3ISP, the Punainen Tori marketplace for private consumers, and the SeOikea (The Right One) Internet dating service. These marketing measures achieved a strong increase in the number of on-line users. Alprint’s operating profit was adversely affected by restructuring costs during the reporting period. Other operating expenses and depreciation amounted to MFIM 2 062 (2 022), which included depreciation totalling MFIM 124 (129). Expenses during the period were increased by the Port Alma mobile portal, sales of the ADSL broadband access together with KPNQwest and Cisco, and the start-up of the new digital asset management company KCRnet Oy. Net financial expenses came to MFIM 7 (11). MFIM 18 (33) in taxes was deducted according to the current tax rate. The net profit for the period was MFIM 29 (79) and earnings per share (diluted) were FIM 2.71 (5.03). The balance sheet totalled MFIM 2 566 at the close of September (MFIM 2 521 on 31 December 1999). The equity ratio was 50 % (52 % on 31 December 1999) and shareholders’ equity per share was FIM 76.81 (FIM 79.00 on 31 December 1999). Approximately MFIM 400 was transferred from long-term liabilities to short-term liabilities in the balance sheet to cover the single repayment in spring 2001 of the loans raised to finance the acquisition of the shares in the Swedish company TV4 AB. These loans will be refinanced with a new long-term loan. Capital expenditure totalled MFIM 168 (177) and included MFIM 47 for production machinery investments in Alprint and MFIM 25 for shares in various new media companies. The remainder covered share acquisitions in Group companies and normal expenditure on replacement and maintenance items. The decision to cancel the MFIM 140 newspaper printing press investment at Vantaa will release MFIM 50 of funds budgeted for the current year for other purposes. The Group had MFIM 67 (84) in cash reserves at the close of the period. Interest-bearing loans amounted to MFIM 750 (MFIM 631 on 31 December 1999). Gearing was 57 % (40 % on 31 December 1999). Mr Pekka Niemiaho was elected to Alma Media Corporation’s Supervisory Board in place of Mr Vesa Kallionpää. Mr Veli Kalle Tavakka resigned from the Supervisory Board at his own request. The chairman of the Supervisory Board is Mr Björn Mattsson and the deputy chairman is Mr Paavo Pitkänen. 6(20) The Alma Media share Altogether 913 000 (658 000) Series I shares and 3 584 000 (3 316 000) Series II shares were traded during the first nine months of the year. The company’s market capitalisation at the close of the period totalled MEUR 525 (357). Alma Media’s Board of Directors has no authorisations to raise the share capital. Price (EUR) Highest Lowest 30 Sept. 2000 Series I 65.00 27.00 31.50 Series II 70.00 27.00 34.80 In 1999 the company offered bonds with warrants to its employees totalling FIM 1,220,000. The bond warrants may be exercised to subscribe for altogether 610,000 Alma Media Corporation Series II shares. The warrants are marked A and B. The share subscription price of the A warrants is the weighted average price of Alma Media Corporation’s Series II share on the Helsinki Exchanges in October 1999 plus 12 %, and in the case of the B warrants, the weighted average price of Alma Media Corporation’s Series II share on the Helsinki Exchanges in October 1999 plus 28 %. Share subscription with the A warrants may begin on 28 May 2001 and with the B warrants on 28 May 2003. In both cases the share subscription period will end on 30 June 2006. Subsequent events Alprint continued restructuring its operations in line with its business strategy. At the end of September Alprint sold its sheet printing plant in Helsinki to this unit’s operative management. The unit has annual net sales of MFIM 15. Alprint has also started negotiations with personnel at its Tampere and Kajaani sheet printing plants to evaluate the possibilities for restructuring at these plants. It is planned to transfer some of the machinery and personnel of the Tampere sheet printing plant to the Rahola heatset plant and part of the plant’s personnel and operations to an outside company. Alprint is studying the possibility of divesting the Kajaani sheet printing plant. The Tampere and Kajaani plants have altogether about 60 employees. A multi-year printing contract was signed with Keskisuomalainen Oyj in October covering printing of Kauppalehti and Iltalehti. According to the agreement Keskisuomalainen’s printing plant in Jyväskylä will print almost half of the Tuesday to Friday editions of Kauppalehti. The remainder will be printed by Aamulehti in Tampere. These changes will make full four-colour printing of Kauppalehti possible. Iltalehti has partly been printed in Jyväskylä since spring 1998. Mr Jorma Sairanen was appointed Vice President Programming at MTV3 Channel in October. He will take up this position by 1 May 2001. After this date Mr Tauno Äijälä will continue as Executive Vice President of MTV Oy and a member of its board of directors with responsibility for MTV Oy’s domestic and international television purchases. 7(20) In October Alma Media announced the decision to establish a new company, KCRnet Oy, concentrating on the management of digital assets. The company, which will operate on the Internet, will serve fast-moving consumer goods companies, packaging industry and retail customers in Finland and abroad. Alma Media owned 100 % of the company at the time of its establishment. KCRnet Oy is a product of Alma Media’s own research and development that has been developed into a global operating concept. The company’s initial share capital totals MFIM 12. The intention is to broaden its ownership base later through share issues to international corporations. KCRnet provides an Internet solution for managing digital marketing communications assets and for designing consumer packaging. The new service will help companies to manage their marketing communications, media advertising and packaging design processes more easily and efficiently, both internally and together with their business partners. Mr Mikko Räisänen MSc. (Eng.) (47) was appointed to Alma Media’s Group Executive Board from 1 November 2000 with responsibility for developing Alma Media’s Digi-TV and broadband businesses and for their media marketing. Mr Räisänen will also sit on the internal boards of directors of the Broadcasting and New Media business groups. He will report to Matti Packalén President and CEO of Alma Media Corporation. Prospects to the year end Alpress’s net sales and operating profit are expected to reach last year’s levels. BIG’s net sales and operating profit will clearly exceed last year’s figures. New Media’s net sales are expected to more than double and its operating margin to improve. Broadcasting’s net sales will remain roughly MFIM 50 below last year’s level and its operating profit will be almost zero. A programme of streamlining measures initiated in MTV to raise cost efficiency will start to become visible in its cost structure next year. Alprint’s net sales are forecast to remain slightly below last year’s level. Alprint will report an operating loss for the final quarter of this year. Alma Media’s consolidated net sales for the full year are expected to remain slightly below last year’s level and. The operating profit for the fourth quarter and for full year is expected to be clearly lower than last year mainly relating to MTV. Business conditions and review of business operations Business conditions have remained unchanged throughout the year. The Finnish economy is forecast to grow by 5-6 % and consumer demand by 3-5 % this year. Inflation increased slightly at the close of the third quarter, mainly because of the rise in oil prices. Inflation for the full year is forecast to reach approximately 3 %. Preliminary data released by Ad Facts Ltd indicates that advertising expenditure grew during the third quarter at roughly the same rate as earlier in the year. Media advertising increased 7 % during the first nine months, and newspaper advertising 8 %. Within newspaper advertising, advertising in subscribed publications increased noticeably faster than for free distribution papers. 8(20) Magazine advertising rose 8 %, television advertising 4 %, outdoor advertising 11%, and radio advertising 7 %, while cinema advertising declined 18 %. Internet advertising increased 55 % although this segment represented only 1 % of total advertising. Television viewing increased by 8 minutes on the previous year. The Internet continued to grow in popularity. According to Taloustutkimus Oy 1.8 million Finns use the Internet at least once a week. Alma Media has retained its position as Finland’s leading provider of Internet services. According to Gallup marketing research 38 % of all Finnish households now have an Internet connection compared with 30 % at the beginning of the year. No significant change was evident in demand for graphic industry products. Paper prices are 2-3 % higher than last year. Alpress The Alpress group comprises the national afternoon paper Ilta- lehti, the provincial newspapers Aamulehti, Satakunnan Kansa, Lapin Kansa, Pohjolan Sanomat and Kainuun Sanomat, Suomen Paikallissanomat, which publishes local newspapers, and Alpress, which as the group’s parent company provides administrative services. Alpress publishes altogether 30 newspapers. This includes 17 local newspapers, 3 town papers and 4 free- distribution papers, not all of which were part of Paikallissanomat. It was decided in June to regroup the printing operations of the provincial newspapers within their respective newspaper companies. This action will be taken at the beginning of next year. In June the decision was also made to form a new business group called Business Information Group based around Kauppalehti. This change came into effect at an operational level on 1 September 2000. The circulations of Alpress’s provincial newspapers continued to develop better than on average in this sector. Aamulehti’s circulation rose 0.5 %, Satakunnan Kansa’s 0.2 %, Lapin Kansa’s 0.4 % and Kainuun Sanomat’s 0.2 %. The circulations of Lapin Kansa and Kainuun Sanomat began to rise for the first time in several years. Similarly, the circulations of all the local newspapers except Koillis-Häme and Koillis-Lappi also showed an upward trend. Growth in local newspaper circulation averaged 1.9 %. Iltalehti’s 6-day circulation increased 2.2 % and its weekend edition 3.7 %. The same figures for Ilta-Sanomat (Iltalehti’s competitor) were –2.6 % and –5.0 %. Sales development was negative during the summer, which neutralised the gains during the first half of the year, and sales for January-September remained at roughly the previous year’s level. The decline was caused by a reduction of almost two percent in the whole afternoon newspaper market. Iltalehti’s market share at the end of September was 36.8 % (36.2 %). Circulation revenues increased by more than 2 % on 1999. Advertisement sales by Alpress rose almost 6 % but the increase varied among the titles from 9 % growth by Aamulehti to a 5 % decrease by Lapin Kansa. Advertising volume grew while average advertisement prices remained at last year’s level. 9(20) The Alpress group reported aggregate net sales of MFIM 793 (788); 52 % (49 %) of this came from advertisement sales, 46 % (46 %) from circulation sales and 2 % (5 %) from other sales. Comparable net sales increased by 4 % on 1999; advertising revenue by 6 % and circulation revenue by 2 %. All units except Pohjolan Sanomat reported an increase in circulation revenue. Aamulehti’s advertising revenue rose 9 %, Satakunnan Kansa’s 6 % and Iltalehti’s 6 % but the advertising revenues of the northern provincial newspapers decreased 1-4 %. Alpress’s total expenses increased MFIM 8 on 1999. The comparable increase in expenses was MFIM 26 or slightly under 4 %. Alpress recorded an operating profit of MFIM 96 (95). The operating profit was adversely offected by Iltalehti’s marketing investments and the sale of the printing operations in Kemi and Kajaani to Alprint after the equivalent period in 1999. The comparable increase in operating profit was MFIM 5; the comparable operating profit declined in Iltalehti, Lapin Kansa and Pohjolan Sanomat but the other units exceeded the operating profits in the previous year. The operating margin was 12 % (12 %). Agreement was reached during the summer on copyright compensation for journalists in Satakunnan Kansa, Lapin Kansa, Kainuun Sanomat and Pohjolan Sanomat. Almost all journalists signed an agreement in September covering the use of editorial material both within the Group and its sale to third parties outside the Group. Business Information Group (BIG) The Business Information Group was formed around the Kauppalehti products. BIG currently comprises Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kauppalehti and Balance Consulting Oy. BIG also has holdings in Baltic News Service (26 %) and Suomen Uutislinkki Oy (50 %). BIG produces business information and content and distributes this in printed form, via television and the Internet, and also directly to wireless terminal devices. Kauppalehti’s circulation reached an all-time high during the reporting period, rising 3.5 % to 84 626 copies. Kauppalehti’s circulation revenue rose 7 % and advertising revenue 8 %. Kauppalehti Online’s net sales increased by over 120 % to exceed MFIM 10. Two-thirds of this figure was derived from content sales. BIG launched several new products during the reporting period including a cross-media service called Saldo, a mutual fund rating service based on MorningStar methodology, and wireless services for users of Palm computers and Nokia Communicators. As part of its overall services to private investors, Kauppalehti launched a mutual fund called Conventum Aktive in co-operation with Conventum Fund Management Limited that represents an entirely new communications policy. Conventum Aktive is a domestic balanced fund and the first mutual fund in Finland where all holdings can be publicly monitored daily. The fund’s development and investment decisions can be followed on the Saldo service’s Internet pages. 10(20) The mutual fund rating service launched by BIG in Finland is based on methodology developed by the American company MorningStar, Inc. Kauppalehti’s Tähtirahastot (Star Funds) service is the sole licensee of this methodology in Finland. Tähtirahastot covers about 500 mutual funds traded in Finland. The main product of Balance Consulting Oy, acquired in September, is analysing financial statements for corporate customers. Balance Consulting also produces benchmarking and ranking reports and sector analyses. Balance Consulting’s analyses, business sector comparisons and reports complement Kauppalehti’s own content production. The company’s extensive database of analyses can be used to generate a wide variety of evaluations and background information which can also be distributed through the media and Internet services offered by Alma Media’s Business Information Group. Similarly Balance Consulting’s analyses can be added to BIG’s own news and background information. BIG’s net sales totalled MFIM 179 (161) and its operating profit was MFIM 37 (31). Its profitability was particularly strained by the investments in the new Saldo cross-media service. Broadcasting The Broadcasting business group is responsible for Alma Media’s television and radio broadcasting activities. MTV Oy manages the national MTV3 Channel and the cable channel TVTV!. Broadcasting’s performance is significantly affected by the Swedish associated company TV4 AB, in which MTV Oy owns 23.4 %. MTV is also operationally responsible for Alma Media’s national radio business, represented by the 48 %-owned Radio Nova. Preparations for the launch of digital television were continued along with other operating licence holders. Negotiations are currently in progress on issues including who will provide a national homepage, Super-Teletext and a programme guide, the acquisition of a coding system and an operating model for managing the operators’ common interests. Alma Media is preparing with cable television companies to promote the launch of digital television and to distribute digital channels via cable networks. Transmission coverage of the cable channel TVTV!, launched in February, was extended in June to include Helsinki television’s network and, from the beginning of October, also Sonera’s network. These expansions increased the number of households able to receive the channel by 350 000 to a current total of some 900 000 households. In September MTV Oy sold its drama production operations to Jarowskij Draama Suomi Oy, in which MTV holds 15 %. MTV3 Channel spent altogether 3853 (4038) hours on the air between January and September, corresponding to a daily average of 14 hours. Total programming time fell 5 % on the previous year. The domestic content of programming was 59 % (51 %) during the reporting period. The decrease in total programming time and increase in domestic content was the result of a reduction in foreign day-time programmes during the first half of the year. Reruns represented 23 % (19 %) of programming. 11(20) Total daily television viewing time in Finland averaged 2 hours 43 minutes per viewer between January and September, an increase of 8 minutes (5 %) on the equivalent period in 1999. During the third quarter total viewing time increased 6 %. Total viewing time on MTV’s channels rose more than 5 % and for MTV3 Channel a good 3 %. MTV3’s share of total viewing time between January and September was 40 % (42 %) and its share of prime time viewing was 39 % (40 %). MTV3 Channel’s overall audience reach was extremely good during the first nine months of 2000 with a weekly coverage of 90 % (89 %) and daily coverage of 65 % (62 %). TVTV! was launched on 1 February. The viewing target set for its first year of operation was 1 % of total television viewing time. Its share during the first nine months of the year was 0.7 % and in the most recent rated week (9-13 October) 1.0 %. TVTV!’s January-September sales target was MFIM 5 and actual sales exceeded MFIM 3. Net sales from MTV’s commercials totalled MFIM 643 (670), net sales from other advertising subject to the operating licence fee were MFIM 28 (49) and net sales from services amounted to MFIM 47 (32). Altogether net sales totalled MFIM 718 (751). The share of associated companies’ results, MFIM 12 (-10), mainly comprised the Swedish TV4’s result. Radio Nova’s net sales came to MFIM 45 (42) and its operating profit was MFIM 1 (1). The share of TV4 AB’s result is an estimate since this company reports its third-quarter results on 10 November 2000. New Media The New Media business group consists of Alma Media Interactive Oy and Alma Media Net Ventures Oy, both of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Alma Media Corporation. Alma Media Interactive Oy has 80 % holdings in Suomen Erikoispörssilehdet Oy, which publishes the property trading newspaper Asuntopörssi in Tampere, and also Suomen Asuntopörssilehdet Oy, which publishes Asuntopörssi in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Pori. Alma Media Interactive Oy also owns 75 % of Jobline Oy, which specialises in on-line personnel recruitment. Alma Media is the leading Internet services provider in Finland. The company had more than 30 on-line services at the close of the reporting period. The weekly number of visitors to the most popular services during October 2000 were as follows: MTV3 Internet (273 000), Iltalehti Online (113 000), Kauppalehti Online (74 000), DIME housing (18 900), Autotalli used car sales (7 400) and Aamulehti Online (13 100). Alma Media had altogether 865 000 registered active users for its Internet services and the number of weekly users was 540 400. Alma Media Interactive Oy is responsible for Alma Media’s new- media business activities. Alma Media Net Ventures Oy handles the commercial exploitation, in Finland and abroad, of the business concepts, new media service applications and patents and industrial property rights which it has developed in the areas of customer management, conte
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