ALMA MEDIA STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 5 DEC. 2001, 9.30 PEKKA KARHUVAARA APPOINTED PRESIDENT OF MTV OY FROM 10 DEC. 2001 Mr Pekka Karhuvaara, executive editor-in-chief of Iltalehti, has been appointed President of Alma Media Corporation’s subsidiary MTV Oy and a member of Alma Media’s Group Executive Board. Mr Petri Hakala, Iltalehti’s current editor-in-chief, has been named Executive Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper. At the same time a new Board of Directors has been appointed for MTV Oy, chaired by Matti Packalén. These appointments come into force on 10 December 2001. Alma Media Corporation’s largest subsidiary, MTV Oy, is to have a new president. Mr Pekka Karhuvaara (47), currently executive editor-in-chief of Iltalehti, has been appointed President of MTV Oy from 10 December 2001. At the same time he also joins Alma Media’s Group Executive Board. He will be succeeded as executive editor-in-chief of Iltalehti on 10 December 2001 by Iltalehti’s current editor-in-chief Petri Hakala (39), who has held this position since 1995. Mr Hakala was previously editorial manager of Iltalehti. Mr Veli-Matti Asikainen, executive vice president of Alpress Oy, remains in the position of President of Iltalehti. MTV Oy’s current president, Mr Ilkka Kylmälä, will leave Alma Media. In conjunction with these appointments a new Board of Directors has been established for MTV Oy. From 10 December 2001 MTV Oy’s new Board of Directors will comprise Juha Blomster, President of Alma Media’s Business Information Group, Pekka Karhuvaara, President of MTV Oy, Torsten Larsson, President of Bonnier Entertainment, Jorma Sairanen, Director of MTV3 Channel programming, and Matti Packalén, President and CEO of Alma Media Group. The chairman of MTV’s new board will be Matti Packalén. Pekka Karhuvaara, through his extremely broad experience of the media sector, is well equipped to take responsibility for MTV Oy’s operations. He has been executive editor-in-chief of Iltalehti since 1994 and before that he held various positions in both television and the print media. He also has experience of corporate communications and has worked at the highest levels of government communications, Mr .Matti Packalén says. "Iltalehti in recent years has shown excellent growth both in circulation and profitability. I believe that same positive development will continue, because Mr. Petri Hakala, a new executive editor-in- chief, has worked with the group’s newspapers since 1987 and has directly contributed to Iltalehti’s position today as one of the most popular and profitable media in Finland,ö Further information: President and CEO Matti Packalén, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 8715 ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Distribution: HEX Helsinki Exchanges, Principal Media
  • Date: 5.12.2001, 08:00
  • News type: Press release

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