ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXC. BULLETIN 1.11.2000, 4.00 pm (EET) 1/2 MR MIKKO RäISäNEN APPOINTED TO ALMA MEDIA’S GROUP EXECUTIVE BOARD Mr Mikko Räisänen MSc. (Eng.) (47) has been appointed to Alma Media’s Group Executive Board from 1 November 2000 with responsibility for developing Alma Media’s Digi-TV and broadband businesses and for their media marketing. Mr Räisänen will also sit on the internal boards of directors of the Broadcasting and New Media business groups. He will report to Matti Packalén President and CEO of Alma media Corporation. Alma Media’s new digital channels and development of their services are the responsibility of the New Media business group. Analogue television and radio broadcasting, on the other hand, belongs to the Broadcasting business group. Alma Media’s new digital television channels are the digital MTV3 Channel, Sports Channel (50 %), and the local CityTV channels in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and the rest of Finland, all of which are scheduled to start operating in August 2001. Additionally, Alma Media will start transmission of television programmes via ADSL broadband access in the Helsinki metropolitan area early next year in co-operation with KPNQwest and Cisco Ltd. The Broadcasting business group is responsible for Alma Media’s analogue television and radio channels. These are MTV3 Channel, the cable channel TVTV! and Radio Nova. Mr Mikko Räisänen MSc. (Eng. (47) has been appointed to the Group Executive Board of Alma Media with responsibility for development of Alma Media’s Digi-TV and broadband operations and for media marketing in these areas. Mr Räisänen has previously held senior positions in Alma Media Corporation’s development unit and has also been President of Alma Media Net Ventures Oy. PhD Osmo Koskisto DSc. (Technology) (42) has been appointed Vice President, Industrial Rights and Venture Capital in Alma Media Corporation. Dr Koskisto is responsible for Alma Media’s venture capital investments, industrial rights and patents and for co- ordinating the contractual aspects of the Group’s external research programmes. Before joining Alma Media he was President of Neomarkka Oyj. He has previously worked in the Technology Development Centre of Finland, TEKES, where he was responsible for technology programmes, and before that as an EU researcher in the EU’s research centre in Italy. Dr Koskisto reports to Mikko Räisänen. 2/2 Alma Media Net Ventures Oy makes investments in companies specialising in software applications and software platforms, or in companies that support Alma Media’s own Internet services and increase Alma Media’s competitive edge either operationally or through faster time-to-market. The Group has invested altogether FIM 25 million on holdings in such companies this year. Alma Media systematically patents the results of its own research and development. Every year the company applies for some 20-30 new patents. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations Distribution: Helsinki Exchanges, Principal Media Further information: Mr Mikko Räisänen, Vice President, Alma Media Corporation, +358 9 507 7501
  • Date: 1.11.2000, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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