ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE BULLETIN 1 Feb. 1999, at 4.00 pm MTV APPLIES FOR OPERATING LICENSES FOR ENTIRE FREQUENCY RANGE OF ONE MULTIPLEX MTV Corporation has today applied to the Council of State to extend its present licence for analogue broadcasting operations and to obtain a new licence for four digital channels, ie. one multiplex covering the entire frequency range of commercial television. MTV Corporation is also a shareholder in City TV Helsinki Oy, which is applying for a licence to operate an analogue channel in Greater Helsinki. MTV Oy has today submitted an application to the Council of State (the Finnish government) to extend its current licence for analogue broadcasting operations for a further 10 years. The current licence expires in December 1999. MTV Corporation is also applying for new licences to engage in digital television broadcasting throughout the frequency range of one multiplex, and also to utilize marginal capacity for transmission of interactive services. It is estimated that television broadcasting will require 85 – 90 % of the multiplex capacity, leaving 10 – 15 % for various interactive information and commercial services. These would include the Internet, electronic mail, banking services and electronic commerce. MTV Corporation has applied for digital licences for MTV3 Digital, MTV Plus, MTV Sport and CityTV. MTV3 Digital is the digital version, including supplementary services, of the current analogue MTV3 Channel. MTV Plus is a new digital channel for teenagers and young adults with both free-of-charge and pay-tv services. MTV Sport is a new sports channel is gradually due to become subject to charge. It is a joint project also involving the Finnish Sports Federation and Suomen Hippos. MTV Corporation is also involved in CityTV Oy Helsinki, which is applying for a licence for digital broadcasting operations in Greater Helsinki. CityTV Oy Helsinki is also applying for a separate licence for analogue broadcasting, in addition to the licence for digital broadcasting. The channel will be able to broadcast digitally in simulcast as soon as analogue broadcasting starts. CityTV Oy Helsinki is also applying for licences for digital television broadcasting in Tampere and Turku, in cooperation with local enterprises and organizations. Application is also being made for a further licence for a CityTV Finland channel, which will broadcast to areas outside Greater Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen Vice President, Corporate Communications Distribution: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media
  • Date: 1.2.1999, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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