Work, art and therapy

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“I’m inspired by constant change, fresh views and the simplicity of things,” writes Ville Kaisla, a 33-year-old entrepreneur and designer from Turku, Finland. He is the design director and one of the founding members of Taiste, a company specialising in mobile services. Kaisla began his career at the age of 17 by teleworking for a digital company in Helsinki in the evenings after school. He established his first company in 2000 and Taiste in 2009.

“There’s a never-ending battle between work and leisure in my life, and I believe that running a business without other creative hobbies and friends and family could take over my entire life.  This is why I find it important to regularly challenge everything that I devote my time to. Then I will know that I'm doing the right thing in the right order."

Improvisational theatre has tremendously improved my people skills and bravery to jump into the unknown. In the photo we are rehearsing for a show where both the plot and the characters will be created as we go.
My summer cottage is the place where work is not welcome. I often sleep in the sauna cottage with the window open to have the roar of the sea as the soundtrack for my dreams. There's nowhere else I sleep as deeply.
Minttu. The love of my life.
The weirder the art exhibition, the more I realise how little I understand about anything. A photo of me taken by Minttu at the Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.
Listening to and playing music have been my everyday therapy before I even realised their therapeutic value. In the photo, Johannes and Ville from our band.
What I find most depressing in the built landscape in Finland is the lack of imagination and the safe choices. But it does boost my enthusiasm for all sorts of experimental architecture. In the photo, the triangular building “KOP-kolmio” designed by Viljo Revell in 1962 where Taiste’s Turku office is located in.
In cooking, the same rules apply as in good service design: make quick experimentations, test regularly in the target group and develop further on the basis of information gathered.
The further away some of your friends are from your daily work, the more fascinating the conversations with them can be. In the photo, my good friend Henri with whom we often wonder what, if anything, actually matters in this world.
A good workplace for me means significant client projects, wonderful colleagues and a comfortable working environment. This is a combination that I feel willing and inspired to develop further. In the photo, our UX designer and my good friend Valtteri at Taiste’s new office.
The various shapes of nature and its endless colour combinations are something that I will never be bored with. In the photo, my brother Iro with his partner Salla who accidentally merged with the ground in Iceland.
Light and shadow make surfaces take shape and forms become three-dimensional in our eyes. This is a topic that keeps me going both at home with various lighting solutions and at work when designing a service interface. In the photo, the Big Bang lamp by Foscarini.
Kitchen psychology sessions with my mother are of immeasurable value to me. From her I have learned a lot about meticulousness and how to finish what I started, and hopefully enough about household chores and keeping stuff clean.
My father is always there when I need him. From him I have learned entrepreneurship, DIY mentality and the meaning of altruism.
Date: 14.4.2016
Theme: People
Text: Ville Kaisla
Photos: Ville Kaisla