Director of PR and Communications for Alma Career

We are looking for a Director of PR and Communications for our market-leading international recruitment services in Central Eastern Europe. Alma Career’s operating countries are Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. You will be based in either Prague or Bratislava and in addition to fluent English, are expected to be fluent at least in one of our local languages.

Your role is pivotal in shaping and managing the public image and reputation of our newly launched Alma Career B2B brand and in maintaining trust with both internal and external stakeholders. Effective PR and communication in the diverse cultural and linguistic landscape of our operating region are vital for the success and growth of our international business.

As the Director of PR and Communications you need adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and strategic thinking. You will develop and implement a comprehensive PR and communication strategy that aligns with goals and objectives of Alma Career. Together with our local communication specialists you form an international team to define the target audiences, key messages, and measurable goals and stay up to date with industry trends and the competitive landscape. You will collaborate closely with local marketing, communication and sales teams to ensure that PR and communication efforts are in sync with sales and marketing initiatives. You are responsible for the internal communication as well with help of your local teams. You are also a part of Alma Career management team.

You are an experienced professional in media relations and in building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders both in the public and private sector. You have acted as the main point of contact for media inquiries and proactively pitched stories to relevant media outlets. You are able to manage the company’s social media presence to engage with the audience, share news, and drive brand awareness. A major asset for Alma Career PR is the vast candidate and employer data and surveys on labor markets in CEE countries as well numerous sustainability initiatives for building a Better World of Work for Everyone.

 Your role as the Director of PR and Communications in this diverse regional network requires a high degree of adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and strategic thinking.

 In practice you would:

– establish the communication strategy supporting the overall business objectives of Alma Career while catering to local needs.

– design a consistent set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can be measured across all 12 countries. This will enable you to track the impact of your efforts and compare performance.

– tailor your communication strategy to be relevant, respecting the cultural nuances, values, and sensitivities while maintaining a consistent B2B brand image in an international business environment

– oversee the creation of press releases, articles, blog posts, and other content to communicate important updates, announcements, and thought leadership pieces in multilingual communication environment.

– participate in the Alma Career Management team as one of its member to plan and drive the Alma Career agenda and to build the whole operation forward

 Are you our Director of PR and Communications for Alma Career?

 Please apply right away and by 26th November at the latest.

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Alma Career is a market leader in recruitment services across 12 countries in Europe, offering of over 1,5 million job opportunities, CV (Curriculum Vitae) database of 12 million job seekers, 20 million active job alerts, and over 6 million monthly visitors. As a network Alma Career reaches over 80 million people in Europe and offers recruitment services based on data and technological innovation. Alma Career operates globally with a local heart; it has a deep knowledge, long expertise and cultural understanding of the local markets.  Alma Career operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Alma Career is part of Alma Media Ltd .