Responsible investing

Since 2008, Alma Media has worked on developing the best operating practices in the media sector with respect to responsibility. Alma Media’s pioneering initiatives in this area include establishing the Media CSR Forum in cooperation with a sister organisation in the UK, and being one of the first media companies in the Nordic countries to engage in integrated corporate responsibility reporting in accordance with the GRI standard.

In 2012, Alma Media became the first media company to commission an assessment of the environmental impacts of the publishing business conducted by an independent research institute. The results of the assessment have subsequently been utilised by Alma Media in the development of operations and risk management.

Indices, reports and networks

Alma Media is included in the Nasdaq OMX GES SUSTAINABILITY FINLAND index.

Each year, Alma Media reports on its carbon dioxide emissions to CDP, a global organisation that collects and publishes emissions data on corporations. In 2015, Alma Media’s score in the CDP survey was 96/100, which made it the best company in its industry in the Nordic countries. 

At the beginning of 2016, Alma Media carried out a materiality assessment as required by the G4 reporting standard. The previous materiality assessment to analyse stakeholder expectations was carried out in 2009.

Alma Media is also a signatory to the UN Global Compact and a member of the Finnish FIBS sustainability and diversity network and the City of Helsinki Climate Partnership Network.