Privacy policy

Alma Media Group is committed to protect the privacy of the users of its services and aims at offering secure user experience to the visitors of its internet sites. In this summary we will tell how the companies within Alma Media Group collect and use information on the internet.

Handling of personal data

In the handling of personal data Alma Media Group follows the Finnish Personal Data Act and other applicable Finnish laws on the privacy of the personal data. Personal data (for example name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) of the visitors of the websites owned by Alma Media Group will be collected only with their consent, for example when they have given the information in connection with their feedback or order of product or service. The personal data file of each service of Alma Media Group can be found on the website of the service in question and there you can get more information on the handling of personal data by the specific service.

Use of cookies and other similar techniques

Behavioral data of the visitors of Alma Media Group’s websites can be collected and used. Information on the computer or other browsing device of the visitor can be collected through cookies and similar techniques. Cookie is a small file which will be saved on the visitor’s computer or browsing device and with the help of which the service can, for example, save the username and password of the visitor for the next visit, if the visitor so wishes. 

Alma Media Group collects automatically information on how the website visitor uses Alma Media Group’s websites and mobile applications (for example the duration and timing of the visit and through which search words, search sentences and search engines the visit has been linked), which websites and areas of websites the visitor visits, as well as information on the computer and mobile device, such as IP address, ID number, physical locations, browser, the type of operating system and the related URL addresses. The mentioned data is needed in order to offer personalized content and to analyze the use of resources, to fix problems, to prohibit frauds and to further develop the services. 

No individual person can be identified based on the use of the cookies and their purpose is not to collect personal data. Cookies and similar techniques do not harm the documents, computers or other browsing devices of the visitors. They cannot be used for spreading computer viruses and they do not give access to the information on the visitor’s hard drive.

Behavioral data can be collected based on the visits on Alma Media Group’s websites by Alma Media Corporation, its group companies and their service providers as well as third parties (advertisers, affiliate marketing operators, media and advertising agencies, as well as measuring and tracking services). Alma Media Group may also use behavioral data collected elsewhere than from its own websites.

Alma Media Group uses, inter alia, different physical, electronic and contractual means and restrictions in order to prohibit unauthorized access to the above mentioned information and tries to make sure that its service providers would not use such data for their own use. The intention is to make third parties to commit to follow the applicable laws and self-regulations of the industry. Alma Media Group does not, however, control, and is not responsible for the activities of third parties. Internet is an open system where it is impossible to guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot bypass mentioned restrictions or use information for inappropriate purposes. 

The websites of Alma Media Group may include so called social plugins, such as Facebook’s Like button, the content of which comes directly from Facebook. Facebook can collect information on the visitor’s visits in accordance with its currently valid terms. 

Some cookies will stay at the visitor’s computer even after leaving the website. Security cookies can last for months and cookies related to advertisements and website announcements can last for years after the last visit to the website. Cookies placed by advertising systems of third parties can last even for longer than that, unless removed before that.  

Alma Media Group has committed to follow IAB Europe EU Framework for Online Behavioral Advertising when collecting and using behavioral data. More information on the self-regulation program can be found at IAB’s website  

In case the visitor does not want Alma Media, its group companies or its co-operation partners to provide advertisements or content based on the online behavior of the visitor, the visitor can prohibit this by forbidding the selected cookies in the settings of the browser. The behavioral advertising, as determined in IAB Europe EU Framework for Online Behavioral Advertising, done by Alma Media through Emediate Ad serving solution can be prohibited through this link. As a result of the prohibition the visitor will continue to receive advertisements but the content of the advertisements is no longer targeted. The removal of cookies may also cause problems in the use and operation of websites. The restrictions are always browser specific. Please note that any restrictions made through the above link will end when the visitor removes all cookies in the browser settings.

Change of terms and contact information

Alma Media reserves the right to change its data privacy policies described here and to update these terms accordingly. If you have questions related to Alma Media Group’s services, please contact the customer service of the service in question. In case you wish to give feedback specifically on the privacy issues and/or cookie practices of Alma Media Group, please send an e-mail to

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