Petri Niemisvirta

  • Managing Director, Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited and Mandatum Holding Ltd; Member of the Group Executive Committee, Sampo plc
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board 2019–, Chairman of the Board 2018, Deputy Chairman 2011–2018, Member of the Board since 2011, Member of the Audit Committee
  • Born: 1970
  • LL.M.

Principal working experience

  • Evli Life Ltd: Managing Director  2000–2001
  • Sampo Life Insurance Company Limited: Product Manager (unit-linked insurance)  1999–2000
  • Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company/ Sampo Life Insurance Company Limited: Life Insurance Sales Manager  1995–1999

Principal positions of trust

  • Mandatum Life: member of the Board 2019–
  • World Wide Fund For Nature, Finland: member of the Council 2018–
  • Topdanmark A/S: member of the Board 2017–
  • Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company: member of the Board 2013 –, chairman of the Board 2014–
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company: member of the Board 2014–
  • Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, Finance and Tax Commission: chairman 2015–2016, member 2017–
  • Finance Finland (FFI): member of the Board 2019– ; FFI Life Insurance ExCom: chairman 2019–, member 2017–2018, chairman 2015–2016, member 2011–2014, chairman 2007–2010
  •  Mandatum Omaisuudenhoito Oy: member of the Board (Deputy Chairman) 2021–
  • Precordior Ltd: member of the Board 2021–

Finnish citizen
Independent of the company and its significant shareholders