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We are looking for people who want to be part of creating the future of media.


Career at Alma Media

Alma Media Corporation offers opportunities for many kinds of professionals; jounalists, photographers, business administration, designers, developers and many more!

Working in sales involves creative problem solving

When you are in a position that gives you a great view of the market, you have the opportunity to engage in innovative sales work while being true to yourself and your personality. A strong collective sense of humour and nice colleagues help you achieve good results. 

It is even possible to get the job of your dreams straight after graduating from school. Key Account Manager Petra Vilhunen, who now works with Alma Media’s media solutions, started her sales career at Iltalehti as a sales trainee.

“I was attracted by the Iltalehti brand. It was a good decision, as my work has always felt very motivating. It has helped me develop my professional skills, and successes have driven me forward,” she says.

After the six-month trainee programme, Vilhunen first worked as a Sales Manager for Iltalehti, and later took up her current post as Key Account Manager for Alma Media Solutions.

“Together with my team, I now plan advertising campaigns for Alma Media’s national media. In addition to the great team, the best aspect of my job is having the employer’s confidence and also having access to the best tools in the industry. This allows me to really use my creativity in my work.”

Keeping up with the times

Today’s salespeople in the media industry are increasingly competing not only with traditional rivals, but also international players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Print is still a great product, but the online realm is what the national media sales field is now all about.

Technology offers online media sales new targeting methods and ways to reach different target groups, as well as monitor and measure campaigns in real time. Over the recent years, these developments have seen sales work become more diverse and challenging, but also more interesting.

Salespeople must have professional expertise, customer insight, the ability to learn new things quickly, and the capacity to manage constant change. Alma Media is an organisation characterised by a strong spirit of getting things done, agile and experimental operations, and a genuine desire to succeed. We want to identify the opportunities contained within the challenges, but also to innovate and create new solutions.

Professionals in online development are at the heart of what we do

Online and mobile services are continuing to grow. At the heart of this growth are the digital experts who develop and build the services. The development and administration of Finland’s most popular online services requires a large group of experts in this field, including coders, system designers, user interface designers, project managers and development managers.

The high traffic volume of our online services, approaching as many as two million unique visitors per week, makes it abundantly clear: the work done by Alma Media’s digital experts is highly visible and makes a difference.

When you work here, you can avoid the typical jargon of consultants and focus on what really matters. Alma Media is continuously developing its services as well as the people who work on them. Solutions to problems can be found through sparring with fellow team members or the people who make up the broader Alma Media tribe.

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