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Fokus is a comprehensive selection of digital works in the fields of law, finance, taxation and supervisory work. The content is created and updated by leading experts. You can trust that you will always have access to the latest information: the works are updated whenever laws are amended. All you need to access Fokus in an Internet connection. It is compatible with all terminal devices.

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Legislation, legal practice and legal works – search our comprehensive database for the information you need. Our information is always up to date. You can collect your frequently used documents in Your Portfolio. The service also features daily updates on regulations and cases. Finnish Law is a vital tool for everyone who needs information about the law and legal issues in their work. 

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Online Bookshelf

Online Bookshelf is a unique way to create a personal digital library of professional books that you can access at all times on any terminal device. The library is divided into sections according to field and features an excellent search function. 

The sections include financial management, taxation and supervisory work, for example – or any of the fields covered by our legal works. You can also choose to have access to the entire collection. New books are added constantly. 

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Online bookstore is the best online bookstore for professionals. You will have access to ideas, trends and expertise – a wide selection of books by Finnish and international experts. You can choose to order printed books or download e-books. The selection covers various fields of business and law. 

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