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Diverse information and high-quality service

Information services

Alma Talent Information Services provides convenient access to comprehensive and accurate information on companies, properties and people. Information Services is your trusted partner when you need to give quick and reliable service to your customers. 



Company information services

Need background information on a company? We can provide you with access to company information and reliable financial analyses on Finnish companies as well as companies elsewhere in Europe, and information on the people in charge of them.

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Property information services

Looking for official information on properties? We offer you the most diverse property information service on the market. We can provide you with very comprehensive information on Finnish properties and their transaction prices. You can also take advantage of our versatile map service.

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Personal information services

Need background information on private individuals? The service includes information such as registered payment defaults for private individuals. Our extensive and reliable personal information services are available to all business operators.

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Customer Relationship Management

Get results in sales and marketing with high-quality target audiences, keep customer information up-to-date with high-class information services, get sales-ready leads through customer acquisition services, and create a customer-centric business system with the CRM solution.

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