Digital services to make life easier for automotive businesses and drivers.

Automotive systems

We have specialised in online automotive services since 2001. Our mission is to make life easier for automotive businesses and drivers through digital services. We offer our customers excellent partnerships in the increasingly digital world of cars and driving. Some 150,000 cars are bought and sold through our systems annually, and we connect sellers and buyers through various electronic channels nearly one thousand times during each working day.



WebSales is a fully web-based system aimed particularly at car dealerships to facilitate vehicle sales, sales management, customer relationship management, contact management and task management. WebSales allows you to manage sales transactions from lead generation to invoicing while conveniently monitoring progress throughout the process. WebSales is a digital-era solution for success in automotive sales.



WebRent is a fully web-based system for vehicle rental operations. WebRent provides effective support to rental operations both at the single outlet level and in contexts where bookings are centralised. WebRent is part of the same product family as WebSales and WebLease, which ensures compatibility and efficiency across the board.


Online services

Our online services comprise entire websites and parts of websites. We deliver solutions ranging from websites for individual car dealerships to brand websites for large car dealership chains and even car manufacturers. Our online services are seamlessly integrated with our other software solutions.



Autosofta is a web-based, easy-to-use and high-quality sales software product for used-car dealers. Autosofta is also very well suited for businesses selling motorcycles and boats. The versatility and functionality of the sales software has been developed to create a cost-efficient solution that matches the needs of our customers. This is evidenced by the product’s market-leading position in its sector and the fact that it is used by nearly 200 customers.