More coverage with multichannel advertising

A multichannel advertising solution is a succinct, effective, and impressive way to reach your target group. It is best suited for product launches and direct communications with the public. 

With the multichannel solution, your advertisement will be displayed in all your chosen media’s digital channels for the duration of your campaign. In Kauppalehti’s, Tekniikka&Talous’s, and Mediuutiset’s print editions, your advertisement will be displayed on the front page; in Talouselämä, it will be displayed as a full-page advertisement.

Kauppalehti’s multichannel front page reaches 268,000 users* per day.

Tekniikka&Talous’s multichannel front page reaches decision makers interested in the economy and technology.

Mediuutiset’s multichannel front page reaches medical practitioners as well as pharmaceutical professionals and decision makers.

Talouselämä’s multichannel package reaches decision makers interested in the economy and business life.


*Source: TNS Atlas 1-6/2017, 15–74-v, TNS PäättäjäAtlas 2016, Tietopankki KL Monikanava Recall 2014-2017


Material Guidelines

Digital advertising

These guidelines apply to Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Tekniikka&Talous, and Mediuutiset:

Desktop and mobile

  • Advertisement size: 600 x 700 pixels; the same materials are used for desktop and mobile
  • File format: static JPEG
  • URL linking is available: please deliver the hyperlink you want added in the advertisement.
  • We will place your advertisement on the multichannel background, and it will be scalable to all display sizes.
  • Maximum capacity: 150 Kb

Digital facsimiles

The same print materials are used.



  • Front-page advertisement
  • Advertisement size: 253 x 280 mm


  • Full-page advertisement
  • Advertisement size: 205×265 mm


  • Front-page advertisement
  • Advertisement size: 253 x 295 mm


  • Front-page advertisement
  • Advertisement size: 252 x 270 mm
  • Includes a placement for SPC text, max. 1/3 pg.

Detailed guidelines for print advertising >>

Materials submission

Digital material is to be sent via e-mail to digimainonta(a) and print material to printtimainonta.almatalent(a) Phone 010 665 2991

Check further details for material guidelines from here >>